My Farmer’s Wife Quilt

Good Monday Morning to you!  It is a beautiful fall day here in Arizona. Which means that the temperatures are in the 80s and low 90s now.  Fall is just lovely wherever you go:)

For today’s Memorable Monday I am happy to share my Farmer’s Wife Quilt.  I just love how the fabrics, colors, and embroidery designs all match the theme.  I tried to use true colors in a Scandinavian farm type print that I found on Connecting Threads.  I thought the little chicken was just the perfect touch for a farm quilt:)

I found a darling chicken and stars embroidery pattern to help calm the blocks down a bit and add a bit more to the theme.  I love the red work.

I have a funny story about this quilt–  I give a lot of my quilts away, but this one took so much time and effort that I kept this one for my enjoyment.  It is large enough to snuggle under, but not so large that I can’t throw it in the car and go.  I keep it in a large basket by the door as decoration and for ease of grabbing to take along when I go out.  

Last summer, I went to use my quilt, and it was gone!  All of my other throws were there, but my precious Farmers Wife Quilt was gone. 😦  I called my sister and others who may have picked it up accidentally, but it could not be found.

I was sure that it had walked off with someone.  I figured they had good taste and picked the best one!  Oh well, I guess I’ll make another….

Then my #2 son FaceTimed me from back east where he was working for the summer.  And you  guessed it–there on his bed was my beautiful quilt!   This is the same son who took my silk quilt out to the bon fire!   That little stinker!:). 

I was so happy to find where the quilt was and explained to him why that quilt was more valuable than some of the others in our home. I was happy and touched that he would want to take this quilt with him to remind him of home and me while he was gone.  So I gave it to him.  Any young man who takes a quilt must really love it:)

What SWEET funny memories!


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