Mandala Madness Almost Done

I am stitching away on this beauty at every “free” moment I can find.  It is large, no really really large.  It is probably 6 feet in diameter.  Each round is taking longer and longer to complete.I can’t believe how long the last orange round took me.  It seemed like every time I would be able to sit and stitch, someone would call or I would be so sleepy that I would stop after one small repeat.  It drove me crazy!

But as I am sitting here crocheting and looking at how pretty it is here on my lap, I just love it:). The feel of the Scheepjes yarn is so soft and the textures are hypnotic.

It has been a  delight!   The next post about this mandala will probably be to say that I am finished and to show you all my completed round afghan.   All that will be left will be the SWEET memories….

Until next time,


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