Tiny Funeral Blanket

A dear friend’s first grand baby died in the womb this week at 23 weeks..so sad.   I have an extra funeral blanket in my closet, but a preemie is way, way too small for a full size baby blanket. This baby is only about 1.5lbs and would fit in the palm of a hand!

So I took out my string yarn and started crocheting last night .  It took just a few hours to make this delicate  blanket for the baby.  It measures about 6″x8″.

I used a pattern map that you can find here if you want the stitch.  It is free. I added the scalloped border. 5dc in one st, sk 2st, sc, sk2, 5dc.  Repeat.  

I hope this SWEET little blanket will bring them comfort.  I know it brings me a bit.

16 thoughts on “Tiny Funeral Blanket

  1. I’ve been editing a book about families who have lost a child and how they copy with it. They are amazing stories, and it sounds as if this family fits right in there. That is a beautiful blanket

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  2. My sister had a stillborn and it was hard to watch her go through the grieving process. What a sweet and loving gesture to provide something so beautiful.


  3. How precious! I’ve learned that even the smallest gesture of caring is so appreciated at times of grief. Even if the blanket was too small, it would be a beautiful lovey – something handmade to tuck in with the precious one. I love this idea and will put it to use!

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  4. This is a beautiful blanket for such a little treasure. My heart goes out to your friend and the parents of the baby. I plan to start making blankets for the charities: ProjectLinusUK and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home because some gifts are have to be given.

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