Tiny Funeral Blanket

A dear friend’s first grand baby died in the womb this week at 23 weeks..so sad.   I have an extra funeral blanket in my closet, but a preemie is way, way too small for a full size baby blanket. This baby is only about 1.5lbs and would fit in the palm of a hand!

So I took out my string yarn and started crocheting last night .  It took just a few hours to make this delicate  blanket for the baby.  It measures about 6″x8″.

I used a pattern map that you can find here if you want the stitch.  It is free. I added the scalloped border. 5dc in one st, sk 2st, sc, sk2, 5dc.  Repeat.  

I hope this SWEET little blanket will bring them comfort.  I know it brings me a bit.