Long Time Gone SAL- Churn Dash Blocks

These little Churn Dash blocks are just so adorable;)!  I mean, look how cute they are!

This week’s section of the sew along with Gnome Angel on the Long-Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell (that’s a mouthful! Lol) was a little more time consuming than I thought it would be, but still it wasn’t too bad.

The hardest part is always choosing the colors and cutting the little squares and rectangles.  I like to cut mine out all at once and place them in block groups on my preview board.

This method makes it easy for me to just sew away at my machine and chain those little blocks together:)

I sew them in groups and then cut them apart in groups and then start to sew again  block by block.  This is kind of like assembly line sewing.  It is easy because if the preparation on my preview board:)

Each little block is just a little work of art, but together they are really above and beyond! 

 I never knew I would like the churn dash block so much!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you have a super SWEET Day!

8 thoughts on “Long Time Gone SAL- Churn Dash Blocks

  1. They really are incredibly sweet and squeal-worthy! Sounds as if you have a process that works for you. I hate chain piecing, because I’m easily confused! We all have our own ways of working…

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  2. I love the churn dash block, and make a lot of them, but you’ll never find me making that size! LOL They look amazing.


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