Stardust Melodies and a New BABY!!

I have been happily crocheting along on this adventure in textures CAL.  Each block is so unique and pretty!  I love how  all of these different shades of purples look together:)

This past week I made three different blocks.  The first was this deep purple block.  I find that I am looking at the crochet map more than reading the instructions round by round.  I like that Polly gives the option for both.  She also has video tutorials if needed:)

The next was a fun basket weave block.  It worked up really quickly once I got the hang of the pattern.

Isn’t it great?  

For my final block this week I chose a fun magenta colored yarn.  Most of these yarns are leftovers from previous projects.  Some of them have been in the drawer for years now.   I’m glad to be using them!

This is a really fun CAL and not hard at all. If you have done a bit of crocheting in the past,  it is a breeze.  You can join along here if you are interested in the patterns.  Some of these are free on her blog while others are in an ebook available on her Ravelry page.

If you want to check out my other blocks, you can find them here:

Stardust Melodies Block #1

I hope you have a SWEET day!

PS– for those of you who have been following me and know that I have been anxiously looking forward to my two grandsons coming this month and next,  my daughter had her baby on Sunday!!!  He is perfectly beautiful and mother is doing well.  My buttons are bursting with joy over him:)!!

13 thoughts on “Stardust Melodies and a New BABY!!

  1. Cool, fun blocks and all that – but: Awwww! Hello cutiepie! May your life be a grand journey, where you explore life and your part in it, being lovingly supported by friends and family. You will have struggles (as we all do, it’s a part of life), but don’t let them grind you down. They might give you your biggest opportunities for growth. Just know you’re divinely loved and supported, and don’t forget to enjoy this magnificent human experience. Its sweet! Many blessings to you.


  2. Congratulations!!! Those cheeks!!! I just love baby cheeks!!! Those crochet blocks are great! I love how some of the easiest stitches when combined in just the right way look so amazing and complicated!! 😀

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