Long Time Gone Quilt-Pineapple Block Love

I have been absolutely LOVING this Long Time Gone Quilt designed by Jen Kingwell!  It is so fun to try my hand at her fun color combinations:). I am glad that Gnome Angel organized this SAL.  Having the deadlines really keeps me motivated:)

I have two weeks worth of sewing to share with you today.  The first set of blocks was the 60 degree triangles.

These went together very quickly.  I like how they look kind of like an argyle sock or a diamond  pattern when they are all put together:). 

Fun, fun, fun!  The next set of 16 blocks took quite a bit longer.

They took longer, but my oh my I LOVE them!!!  I have never made a full pineapple block before. It was a test of patience in sewing around, cutting, and then sewing around again.

I didn’t mind though.  I just sat and sewed away while listening to a book.  I am listening to “What is the What” by Dave Eggers.  It is a very good read and helped the time to just fly by.

Look at how cute these blocks look all put together!  They are my favorite block by far:)

I like them so much that I may design a quilt myself with a bunch of them…. we’ll see.

I hope you are having a SWEET day!  Thank you for dropping by and following my quilting adventure:)

18 thoughts on “Long Time Gone Quilt-Pineapple Block Love

  1. I really luv them….but….what, again, is the size of these beauties??? I’ve not done a pineapple (for many reasons!) and don’t have a real desire (I don’t think! LOL!) BUT yours are wonderful! I, also, really like the first set(s). This is really going to be an awesome piecing!!!

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      1. Wow! What an itty bitty size! Since I piece so that I have a quilt to stitch (my preference…no surprise…… I haven’t ventured into the smaller realm, as so many have of late!! I think I’ll be quite content to follow in the shadows…….LOL!

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  2. That IS a great colour mix, and I can see why you’re excited and happy to be working on this quilt 🙂 There’s nothing quite so satisfying as sitting, sewing and listening to a book, is there? You’re entertained two ways, you get things done and you get informed at the same time! Win, win.

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      1. Funny! I could name my quilts after pieces of classical music, which I also listen to a lot while I’m sewing: The 1812 Overture quilt, the Four Seasons quilt, the Water Music quilt, the Enigma Variations quilt…. Lots of pieces are just the right length for a sewing session 🙂


  3. I think you could take this block alone and frame it. It is so happy and bright. I forget, are these fabrics coming from your stash, or are they coming as part of the QAL? Beautiful job piecing by the way!

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  4. I didn’t realize these were such tiny blocks, since I always make mine 12″. They are great together, though.


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