Fantastic Bake Along Results— Mary Berry Gingersnaps

I am so excited to have made my first Mary Berry recipe! These Ginger Snaps were the perfect start to my British Baking!

This month’s Fantastic Star Baker was Rebecca @Twinklehook and she chose these fun little Gingersnaps as our monthly bake. It was funny how I kept thinking about how fun it would be to be on the Bake-off Show and if Mary and Paul would have approved of my Bake:). Lol!

I even broke down and tried my hand at actually weighing my ingredients! Can you believe it?

I didn’t have the golden syrup or cast sugar so I used Karo syrup and extra fine cane sugar instead.

I was very, very surprised with how small the dough was! I am used to a bowl that is almost filled to the brim with dough. No wonder Mary has stayed so trim:)!

Even though the dough was small, there was enough dough for 12 walnut sized balls. I made three exactly as the recipe instructed, and three that I rolled in sugar because that is how I always make cookies, and then I added a pecan to six of them because I live in a pecan grove and we add nuts to everything!

I baked mine for less than the 15 min suggested in the recipe. I baked mine for 14 min. Which is longer than I normally would have, but I wanted a crisp snap to my cookie with no soggy bottom:)

They were certainly crisp! I would call mine a definite dipping cookie because I could barely bite into it! Lol:)! Maybe I should have taken them out at about 11 minutes.

It didn’t really matter though. The taste was so scrummy! I especially like the kick of heat at the end because of the ginger. They would be so good with a cup of milk or hot chocolate.

Here is the recipe if you want to try your own Mary Berry Gingersnaps

I’m excited to see how the other baker’s cookies turned out!

Kathy @Sewing etc.

Tina @Kristabella’s Hodgepodge

Brenna @ Crochet539

Emma @Emma Crafts Design

Kate @ Life, Tea,and Everything

Tami @Tanglewood Knots

Tracy @It’s a T-Sweets Day!

AJ @A Petite Slice of Life

Rebecca @Twinklehook

It has been so fun baking with you today. Thank you once again, Rebecca, for the recipe!

29 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along Results— Mary Berry Gingersnaps

  1. If they were hard and very crunchy, then you’ve baked a perfect gingersnap! I think they must have been designed specially to survive extensive dunking in a mug of tea without disintegrating. They’re a very English ‘biscuit’, not a cookie at all, so if they’re soft and chewy they’re either stale or not baked long enough. One thing you should know about them is that they make an absolutely perfect base for cheesecake if crushed and then mixed with melted butter. The combination of ginger heat, crunch and creamy cheesecake is divine!

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  2. Such a good idea to add the nut. When I read to roll like a walnut size I actually thought of adding some nuts but I didn’t. Can’t wait to taste mine. They are still in the oven.

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  3. They look good, even though you didn’t have all the right ingredients, which luckily I do, so I’ll let you know how mine are next week, before we go away for a few days on grandparent duties before the kiddies go back to school. It’s the long summer break here in Oz & it’s nearly over for most, depending on which state you live in. Your pecan grove sounds wonderful & some photos with a post would be fun. I blog about my blueberries & I’ve only two 13 year old bushes (giggle). Take care.

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  4. Oh adding that pecan is just the perfect top for that perfect ginger snap!! Bravo for weighing the ingredients. This cookie is one of the best examples of what makes the Bake Along so Fantastic – I probably would have never baked ginger snaps if it wasn’t for this post. I had only ever really had hard store bought ginger snaps before but now I will be baking them more often. Home baked gingersnaps are amazing!! 😀 😀 😀


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