There are Angels Among Us

I have been the recipient of so many kind thoughts and acts of service these past few weeks. My heart is full with gratitude because of the prayers and sweet notes given by my family and friends like you.

This graphic is from My Computer is My Canvas. I love all of her designs!

I was especially surprised to receive a package in the mail from my online friend Tina @ Kristabella’s Hodgepodge. I must admit that tears came to my eyes as I opened the package and read her sweet Get Well note and beautifully crocheted bag.

I filled my new crocheted pouch with handkerchiefs and mints. It is the perfect size for my Sunday bag. I will have SWEET thoughts of her each time a tear comes to my eye at church. ❤️

I am happy to be in a world with so many wonderful people in it. I know that there are bad and crude people too, especially if you listen to the news and media. But my experience is that most people are good and trying the best they can.

Even in New York City, when I broke my wrist, there were such kind people who came running to my help. Some stayed nearby to make sure I was going to be alright. I felt their care and concern.

Yes, there are angels all around us. It makes me want to try harder to serve, and think of others more.

Thank you all so very much! My heart is very full❤️

P.S.– My wrist is getting better everyday. I will have a cast for another 7 weeks, but I have use of my thumb now so I can really sew again! Yea!

25 thoughts on “There are Angels Among Us

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I so absolutely believe your title! What a sweet (!!) and thoughtful gift. {{Hugs}} Hmm, seven weeks sounds like it might be right around Mother’s Day. I’m thrilled to hear you are able to sew again. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. I’m so glad your wrist is healing enough to let you get back to things you love!
    I firmly believe that if you give out love, you will receive love in return, and you’re seeing that at work right now.


      1. The prayers were heard; the storm is well past, leaving just grey skies and a bit of wind. I’m also feeling much better today than I expected, I’m able to walk on the leg with a stick rather than crutches and am recovering well. I may even be sewing again by the end of the week!

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  3. It is such an uplift to read heartwarming stories of earthly angels doing small and simple things to lift other’s burdens… what a treasure that crocheted bag will be throughout your life.

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  4. Yay for an opposable thumb right?! So glad you are coming along nicely, and what a darling gift to receive, with good vibes lovingly stitched in. When I was in NYC I, too, found that the people were terrific, and I’d been forewarned about the gruff New Yorker…not. At. All. I also get very alarmed and saddened to see the horrid side of some people in the news, and I do believe in the inherent goodness of people; would that the media would report more on that right?

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  5. What an uplifting and bright pouch! What a wonderful friend to have 😊
    I love that you always look to the positive Tracy. Life does have sorrow but hope springs eternal, it is so essential to have faith in the best of people. I strive for that too.
    Your positive outlook, to see the happiness in life and others shows in all you create too 💕

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  6. My experience is the same as yours … a few bad apples among all the sweet and wonderful ones. I was thinking YOU will be thinking of Tina every week, then, because it’s a rare Sunday when I don’t cry in sacrament or some place, and I am sure you, too. =)

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