A Christmas Gift with Grinda

I finished my Grinda Shawl. Yea!! It really didnt take too long at all. I started back at the end of September and have only worked on it every now and then. Here it is finished and ready for my mother for Christmas!

Isn’t it lovely? I know she is going to be so happy with it. I really liked how it looked from beginning to end, but the blocking of any crocheted project really adds the finishing touch.

As you can see the lace to the left has not been blocked and the nice, straight, and airy lace to the right has been blocked. Just a quick shot of steam is all takes. Just make sure you don’t touch your iron to the actual threads.

Isn’t it funny what different lighting does to color? The first two pictures were taken in the afternoon while this final photo shoot was taken in the morning. The top two are more accurate as far as color goes.

Oh well, A deep plum is beautiful too! I hope you can see the hearts in the bottom row of the shawl. These will be a reminder that my mother is well loved by me and so many others.

I think the edging really finishes the edge nicely. I may try to add this to another project someday. It is easy an beautiful!

I was so happy to show my husband this delicate shawl. I held it up and asked what he thought. He said he loved it and then added, “Aren’t you going to make one for my mom too?” Sooo….

Here I go with Grinda Shawl #2! Lol:)

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog today. I hope your day or evening is SWEET!

33 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift with Grinda

      1. Awesome. I look forward to seeing it. I’ve still got mine to start some time in the future too, but I have other projects that need finishing first and I’m not currently making any progress at all with them 🤔

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  1. Hi Tracy! WOWEE! This is just gorgeous. Your mom couldn’t help but love it – it’s from you, it’s beautiful, and all the love you stitched into it! I had NO IDEA crocheting needed to be blocked. My sister did crocheting for years and years and years (mostly afghans) and never blocked a thing. Wow. I can see why your DH is wondering about his mom! I can see this for a bride, or any female for that matter. I would be proud to wear it and say that you made it!! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. I’m so glad you like it Roseanne! I agree with anyone wanting one— I think I need one now too! Lol:). As far as blocking, crochet looks SO MUCH better with a bit of stretching and blocking into place. There are many tutorials online. I even have a few on my blog as well. Thank you for stopping by Roseanne. I always enjoy your comments:)!❤️❤️

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  2. Just gorgeous! The pattern is wonderful but it is the crafter that brings the pattern to life and your work is spot on perfect. I have seen this yarn at the store. I am not a fan of variegated yard for the reason you hinted at above the harsh change lines but I may just give this a try. Excited to see the next shawl for your mother in law. They are two loved and lucky woman 🙂 and I think you should be next on the gift list!

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  3. that is gorgeous Tracey . . . and I had a good laugh, at your husband wanting no favouritism . . . the colours for your MIL are going to make the design look completely different!

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