Delilah, Delilah!

It is time to open the box and finish some projects that have been put on the shelf for too long. I probably need to join the Q4FAL because I am going to finish two very long time waiting Quilts this quarter.

The first is my beautiful Delilah quilt. It was a block of the month quilt that ended last year, but I got behind on it when I broke my wrist this past spring. I have two months worth of quilting blocks left to make.

I started with the block called “Black Cockatoo”. I don’t know why, but the cutting of this block was so so difficult! The small triangles were almost the same size so they were easy to confuse.

I had to be very, very organized and design each block as I went. I was glad I had my preview boards! If you want to make one, you can learn how here.

But I had quite a few blocks to make., and I don’t have that many design boards. A few years back I made a traveling design board. It is also a wonderful tool! I used a block and quilted it into a small quilt 10″x 17″ or so. I cut a vinyl tablecloth into “pages” and sewed them inside with the fabric side facing up.

It is easy to design most 6.5″ squares on the pages and then easily transport them anywhere. The blocks stay nestled safely inside just waiting to be sewn together. They don’t stick to the vinyl, but stay nicely put to the fabric side.

I am singing a happy song and dancing a happy dance! SWEET!!!

The cutting of this block took FOREVER, but the actual sewing was one of the easiest blocks in this quilt. There were all straight lines with no curves or y-seams. Yea!!

They are all sewed and I only have one more month of blocks to go. I am on a roll!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you are able to have a creative moment or two today as well.

Until next time,

11 thoughts on “Delilah, Delilah!

  1. It’s a fun block but I can see why it’s hard to keep things straight: it’s not symmetrical, it doesn’t make a ‘picture’ you can build up, and every fabric is different. It’ a good job you have a way of keeping pieces in place till it’s time to sew them! As always, I love your fabrics 🙂

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  2. I am intrigued by the “book/carrier” you made for transporting your blocks…. do you have a tutorial? It is so darling, and I love how you used the printed Moda twill that comes around jelly rolls!

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    1. Hello Brenda! I am so glad you like the block carrier! It is really a wonderful quilting tool. I don’t have a tutorial more than the one I did here. I will try to get a tutorial together soon, but until then, this may help — Make a small 10×17 quilt with whatever fabrics you have. Stitch your Moda ribbon to the outside leaving an inch or so for binding. Sew your 6 tablecloth pages to the inside , cover the raw sewn edges with a binding strip and then bind the entire small quilt carrier to cover the edges. I hope this helps. Happy New Year:)!


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