Cross Country Poncho

I have been enjoying crocheting shawls lately. Maybe it is the ability to actually wear something I made, or maybe it is the speed in which a shawl stitches up. I just know that I like it. I made two shawls for Christmas gifts this year. Now I want one of my own.

I headed over to Ravelry and started my search for a shawl for ME…. hmm… what do I really need and what will I actually wear? I am a real estate agent, so I want it to look casual and professional. I finally found it!

Isn’t this great?! It is a FREE pattern by Two of Wands. I was so excited that I immediately ordered a few skeins of yarn. Just look at this luscious yarn! They are all Berocco Brielle, and they are super wash merino wool from Willow Yarns. Don’t you like the denim looking fuzz?

When you buy yarn in a skein, it needs to be wound into a cake or it will get all tangled up. A nifty yarn ball winder makes the job a breeze! I bought mine on Amazon several years ago. It is a life saver!

It only took about an hour to wind all 7 of my skeins into the beautiful yarn cakes. It is a bit tricky to find a a chair, or in my case the upside down legs of a step ladder, to “rest” my yarn on while I gently led it through the loops. It worked though.

I now have four cakes of usable yarn. They make me smile:). I love the look of the crossed yarn pattern. I can hardly believe that I actually wound these myself. They look so inviting!

I guess it is time to get out my hook and start stitching. I am actually going on a trip to Thailand next week and this is going to be my take along sewing. It should be an adventure!

Thank you for stopping by today. You make my day SWEET!

20 thoughts on “Cross Country Poncho

    1. You are so right Kerry! Maybe you inspired me….:). But really, your skill with the loom far exceeds anything I could ever do. Either way though, we will both have beautiful shawls, and that’s a great thing. Thanks for stopping by!❤️❤️


  1. Hi Tracy! Well, safe travels to you. You should just about have this finished during the flight there and back it would seem. This is gorgeous – I can’t wait to see it all complete!! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. That shawl is something that I would wear. I like that it goes over the head and you don’t have to worry about it falling of your shoulders. I might have to give this pattern a try. BTW, where do you get your yarn?

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  3. Your shawl is amazing! So cute! I love the tassels as well. Nice yarn too. I recently ordered a kit from Willow Yarns. I haven’t learned to crochet yet but I have high hopes that I can learn. I actually ordered a shawl pattern too. I’ve gotta learn the crochet “symbols”. Have a great trip. Enjoy your day! 🙂 🙂


    1. Hello Angela! Thank you for stopping by today:). I’m so excited for you to start your first crochet project. The hardest part is learning to hold the thread . Once you are comfortable with the flow of the thread and the control of your thumb and the pinching finger, the rest is a breeze. If you can chain, single crochet and double crochet, you can really make anything. Good luck to you! ❤️❤️


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