Want to Go to Hancocks of Paducah?

I have been on a road trip with my husband. We have seen some beautiful land. I was very happy to be in Kentucky and Tennessee. Talk about Green! Compared to my dry desert home, this area is a jungle!

I think the thing I envied the most were the short bursts of beautiful rain. We would drive, and then out of nowhere, we would be in a cool rain storm with not just a sprinkle. I’m talking a real heavy down pour! Yep, I almost don’t even remember what a real rainstorm looks like. I think it looks green!

I had hoped we would be driving into Missouri so I could visit Missouri Quilt Star Company, but that just wasn’t in the “stars”. Oh well, I knew that we were driving in Kentucky and Paducah was only about 30 miles out of our way. Hancocks of Paducah it is!!

I have enjoyed buying fabric online from Hancocks of Paducah for years. It was exciting for me to actually visit their warehouse home. I’m afraid a red eye flight and driving all day doesn’t lend itself to a great hair day though:)

When we first entered I was a little less than impressed. It was a well stocked fabric store, but it wasn’t any different than a larger fabric store like Joanne’s

My husband was very nice and even came in with me. Now that’s a miracle in and of itself!! Good thing for cell phones:)

I enjoyed looking at their 50 year celebration quilt. I have seen it on their website, and now I have seen it in person. That is always kind of fun:)

My eyes finally started to get a happy overload when we went into the second warehouse. It was filled with precuts and more precuts.

There were aisles filled with layer cakes and other aisles filled with charm packs and fat quarters from Moda to Riley Blake.

It was definitely my candy store! There was a whole section filled with Quilt Kits that came with the pattern and all of the fabric ready to sew together. LOVE!!

There were so many kits and even a few hanging up on display. My husband was even impressed! He saw this one hanging and said that I had to have it and bought it for me right then. He is so nice to me:) love love love!!

I’m looking forward to the appliqué. I think I will do hand appliqué instead of machine appliqué. I like hand work.

It was a great day. Yes it was a T-Sweets Day!! Have you been to any fun quilt stores? I went to the Buggy Barn before they closed and now I have been to Hancocks of Paducah. I definitely want to go to Missouri Quilt Star someday. How about you?

Until next time!

26 thoughts on “Want to Go to Hancocks of Paducah?

    1. You hit the nail on the head Kerry! It is a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to just choose one thing. Next time I go to a large store, I am going to have a pattern in mind. I think that will be helpful:). Thank you so much for your kind comment😊❤️❤️


  1. Hi Tracy! I do, I do – I want to go! Wowee – all those nice and neat rows of quilting goodness. That’s another place that is on my list of places to visit and sooner rather than later. Thanks for taking us along with you – DH is definitely a keeper. Love that he came in with you, and especially love that he knows your taste enough to know that kit is right up YOUR alley. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. oh my!!!! we don’t have anything like that here in France. I would have felt like I’d died and found myself in patchwork heaven had I been with you on this visit!

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  3. I have been to Hancock’s about 3 times and am amazed each time we go. Since we live 2 hours from Missouri Star Quilts I have to go about every 3 months or so. I save my pennies and them buy buy buy when we go. I think I need a road trip. Enjoy your quilt.

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  4. That kit will make a beautiful quilt for you. He definitely knows how to make you happy. I have a feeling that wasn’t the ONLY thing that came out of that store with you! The shelves and rows of pre-cuts and kits reminded me of going to the Scholastic Warehouse book sales in Phoenix every year! LOL

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  5. Hancocks and Missouri Star are both on my bucket list. I have been to Keepsake during its heyday, but that doesn’t seem to shine as bright as Hancocks. We do have a superb quilt shop here in Richmond that carries a lot of wonderful fabric and the full line of Kaffes called Chadwicks, but even that would not compare, especially with all those fabulous precuts…bestillmyheart!

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