More Quiet Book Fun!

I have been having sew much fun stitching up this quiet book. The memories that are coming back to me of when my own children played with this same book are flooding back. Where do those little people go?

I guess they leave right in front of our faces. Cherish every moment! No regrets. The memories are wonderful :)!

Ok– now that I am off of my memory lane soap box, I am happy to share with you the next three pages in my quiet book. Here is Long Neck Turtle

Isn’t he SWEET? And when you pull his head, his neck stretches way out just like the poem says:)

I sewed the whole shell and body first before sewing it to the page. It needed to be hollow for the ribbon and neck to hide inside

Love it! Love it! — The next page was the Mittens that Feel like Kittens page. This one was a little bit more tricky.

I traced the mittens an sewed the first layer BOTTOM down and sewed all around.

Then with fluffy right sides pinned together, I sewed around the sides of the mittens leaving the bottom edge of the mitten un sewn. I did that again with my flannel print but the right side was up this time.

Now for the tricky part–

  • I cut the TOP flannel layer on the open bottom edge
  • I cut the middle fuzzy layer up to the sewing line as in the first top left picture
  • I rolled at fuzzy edge up over the flannel and sewed the side edges
  • I trimmed ALL around the mittens
  • I hand sewed the cuff down

All of that for these cute little cuffs!!

It was worth it:)!

My next adventure was the good old fashioned Clothes Line.

Aren’t those little clothespins cute?! I had to order them off of Amazon. They were here the next day. Wow!!

I used a fun check that looks like a basket, and I backed all of the clothing items with a dark flannel for a bit of stiffness.

That was it for the last few days. I don’t think I will get this book done before next Sunday, but maybe the Sunday after that… I really need to finish so I can get back to my Salem Quilt Guild Quilt. October will be here before you know it!!

Until next time, have a wonderfully SWEET Sunday:)!

PS– These pages are from the book called “The Quiet Book Tutor” by Norma B. Barnes.

18 thoughts on “More Quiet Book Fun!

  1. Hi Tracy! Aww, that turtle with the neck that stretches out is so cute. And that mitten! I want to poke my hand in there. The clothesline idea is adorable, especially with those cute little clothespins. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sharon! I am pleased with the progress. I hope I don’t bore , my online friends, with a few similar non-quilty posts, I’m glad you, my dear friend, are at least excited to be turning the pages with me. It sure is fun!!❤️❤️


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