100 Block Progress

I have been sewing and pressing away at my house. And just look how things are coming along!

I am joining a few of my friends in sewing along with Sherri Noel @. rebeccamaedesigns She has designed the cutest 100 Block Community sew along. We are all having a great time!

A few of my favorite blocks are the butterfly, the appliqué flowers, the Dresden plates, the house, and the spools.

Really- they are all so cute, it is hard to choose one or three or ten of my favorites! Lol:)

I like to cut a bunch of the blocks out and put them in my design block book and then I can carry them to my sewing machine, wherever that may be, and sew a bunch of blocks at once.

It works for me and then I seem to accomplish more:). Just look at my blocks all coming together—

I have a few more as well that will have to wait until I see a few more to fit in the collage:)

It is always so satisfying to see a stack of beautiful quilt blocks all together. I keep mine in a napkin holder. It fits those 6.5” blocks perfectly.

It’s been a great day! I love sharing some of it with you:). Please feel free to join the fun. I welcome your comments and would love to have you follow along!



Today’s uplifting thought is—

21 thoughts on “100 Block Progress

  1. Hi Tracy, these blocks are adorable!! And the fabrics are so sweet. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. I like that you are using the napkin holder for your blocks.

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