One Blanket Down, One to Go

Happy Friday to you;)!  I have been working on my double ended crochet baby blankets, but I haven’t been blogging about them because, really, they don’t change much while crocheting.  They get bigger, but the stitch is the same.  I am glad to say that blanket #1 is done and I have started blanket #2.  Yea!!I really do like this stitch..  It makes for the softest, two sided blanket.  One side is one color and the other side has more of the accent color.  I added a double yarn border and crocheted the ends to be a bit longer than the sides for an added  bit of length.The only thing I would change about this cute blanket is that I wish I would have added a few more rows so I would not have had to block it.   Quite a bit of the “magic” stretched out of it.  It is still very nice, I just shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to get done.It lays nice and straight and soft though.  I can’t wait to see little baby fingers coming through the holes:)!

For blanket #2, my daughter in law chose gray and variegated blue.  You can see the texture much better without the blocking.

I just love love love it!  Can you see how it is more gray on the underside and variegated on the top?

This is a slower stitch to be sure, but I think it way worth the extra effort.  I have given directions for this stitch here.  Why don’t you make one for a  SWEET little baby that you know?   You will love it:)

Until tomorrow!