Cross Country Poncho Lookin’ Good!

I am finished, and just in time! I was able to take my completed poncho on my Alaskan cruise to enjoy in the cool weather. It was the perfect place for its “maiden voyage”.

I’m glad I went on a cruise because temperatures in Arizona have not been very conducive to a poncho photo shoot. The temperatures have been up around 110 degrees!

I really like the design on the front and back. The holes give a little peek a boo to whatever shirt is underneath.

I am so happy with the addition of the danglies on the edges. I like them so much better than the tassels that the pattern called for. I have the instructions for them here.

I had a lot of fun in Juneau posing for these photos. My sister in law, Michelle, did a great job snapping the camera:)

There is nothing like a poncho, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses to classy up a pair of jeans:). SWEET!

I really enjoyed making this poncho. The pattern was designed by Alexandra Tavel @ Two of Wands and is free. Thank you Alexandra!

Here are my progress posts in case you are interested in seeing the progress of this poncho-

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It always feels good to finish a project. I’m so glad you have followed along. It’s a T-Sweets Day for sure!!

Until next time–