Christmas Came Early This Year!

I love brown paper packages tied up with strings, especially if they have my name on it❤️. I was able to be part of a “shoebox swap” this past year. I gathered up quilting goodies all year long and sent them off to my secret friend in December for Christmas. That was fun, but the really fun part was that all year someone else did the same thing for me! How fun is that?!

Yesterday my beautiful box full of goodies arrived from the wonderful Candi @Quilts n Things. I opened it up and look at what was inside!!

Oh my goodness! I won the shoebox prize for sure❤️❤️! I sat and opened each little present, looked at the beautiful fabric, and ate a few bites of yummy chocolate. Just look at all of the goodness Candi was able to pack in one box!

Crazy, right?! There were so many fun goodies that it is hard to talk about them all, so I will just focus on a few.

Candi made me this darling folded fabric Christmas ornament that went right on my tree:)

She sent me a much needed box of colorful clips. How did she know that I was in the market for some of these?

AND she sent me a cookbook filled with delicious SWEET recipes! Perfect, right?!

I am so glad I had this quiet, early Christmas just for me. Candi, Thank you so much!!

A Hooded Towel for Christmas!

It has finally come, that time to put away the other projects and focus on my Christmas sewing. Yea! I love Christmas!

When my oldest son was born, a beautiful lady from my church made a hooded towel for him. That towel was WONDERFUL! It was large enough to wrap him up in and absorbent enough to really get him dry. I just LOVED it!

As I was thinking about gifts for my grandsons this year, I knew that I wanted to make a large, soft, hooded towel for them too. I wish I had kept that old towel to use as a pattern, but it has been long, long gone. I searched the internet and Pinterest for patterns that were similar or that I liked, but I couldn’t find one that gave clear enough instructions. So… to make this long story short — I just designed my own!

The pattern is EASY!! And the tutorial makes sewing the towel a breeze :). If you have any babies or toddlers on your Christmas list, you might want to try your hand at sewing them a Hooded Towel. 🙂

Supply List:

  • One Bath Towel
  • One Hand Towel
  • Matching Thread


  • If you want to add embroidery or ribbon or appliqué etc., add it to your hand towel first. Make sure that the embellishments are between 6” – 9” from the bottom of the towel. You can add bows and buttons or more after the towel is sewn.

  • With the right side of the towel facing down, fold the bottom of the towel up about 5”. If you are adding embellishments, Check to make sure that the fold covers the whole thing. If not, make the fold larger.
  • On the front of the towel, sew a top stitch close to the fold.
  • On the back of the towel, sew the top of the folded flap down.

The front will now look like this.

  • With the right side facing up, fold the edge you just sewed back on itself 6.5”
  • Sew these sides closed

  • Find the center of the towel on the fold and place a pin there.
  • With a ruler, place the 3’ mark at the pin and mark 3” on either side with a pin.

  • Sew from the pin to the end of the flipped edge.Back stitch and secure this edge quite a bit. I have marked in chalk your sewing line from the pin to the end of the flipped edge. You do not need to mark your towel

  • Cut the corners of folded edge next to the angled stitching.
  • Cut the free edge of the towel 3” from the fold as in the above picture.

This next step is the only somewhat tricky part, but it really just feels a bit awkward. It’s not hard. You can do it!:)

  • Mark the center of the folded, top of the hood with a pin.
  • Fold the back of the towel lengthwise starting at the pin. Fold the hood evenly in half lengthwise pinning as needed.
  • Sew from the top pin down to the bottom about 1” over. I have marked in chalk your sewing line

You will have a hood with a dart on the back when you are done . Yea! You did it:)

  • Finish all of your cut edges with a serger or with a zig zag stitch.

  • Sew the side wings down that are barely below the hood

  • Find the center of the long or wide side of your towel.
  • Pin the hood to the towel
  • Sew the hood down making sure to really back stitch and the beginning and end for added strength. You may even want to sew this seam twice.

Oh my goodness! You are done! Isn’t it the cutest thing?

And since I blog about my creative journeys, there are rarely any real homemade surprises under our Christmas tree. I figure it gives added anticipation. Lol:)! Here are the three towels that I made. After the initial embroidery, which took forever, these towels whipped up in no time!

And of course I had to grab my SWEET grandson and take quick photo to show you how truly adorable this towel really is! Just look how snuggly he is:).

I will not be posting the rest of the week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope those of you in the States have a wonderful holiday filled with family and delicious food. I am Thankful for all of you, my online friends.

It feels like Christmas in July!!

It is always a SWEET day when a package filled with hand made treasures arrives at your door!  The very talented Emma from emmacraftsdesign knit me a pair of BEAUTIFUL socks!!  That is just the kind of person she is.  Beautiful ❤️❤️

I took them out and just smiled and looked at them for a while.

I mean really, just look at this gorgeous detail!  She is so talented:)!  I wish I could knit like that.  Or really even knit at all!

And then of course, I had to put them right on my feet:).  I. Love love love them!  They are the prettiest socks I own.

I feel like my feet could be on the cover of a magazine!  Lol:)!

It is always fun to make friends from all around the world.  And that is how I feel about Emma and about all of you!  You are my friends and I am so grateful to share in creative adventures with you❤️

Baby Shower Gift Set

imageMy niece-in-law is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Her baby shower is coming up soon so I thought I would use the occasion to make a few more pj items for my Summer Sew Along projects.  I need, I mean get to make six sleep wear items before August:)  I am going to be gone for a week in July so I am trying to get things made early.

I have an etsy shop called Toot Sweets Diapers where I sell organic All in Two sized cloth diapers.  I knew that for one of my sleep wear projects I wanted to make a diaper set for a baby.  I bought this fantastically cute pattern online from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop. I picked out some SWEET fabric that I had in my stash and started sewing.

The pattern was very very easy to follow and understand. I haven’t sewn clothing for babies in a long time and was amazed at how little of fabric it needed to make a sleeve! The finished project is ADORABLE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BUT the pattern was a bit misleading and made me a little angry because that darling hat is not included in the pattern!  I had to go back online and buy another seperate pattern for the hat. UGH!   It is a darling hat, but hey, if it is shown on the pattern, it should be included unless plainly marked.image

Oh well, I am glad I have the patterns.  This will be my baby shower gift for all new babies in the future:)

I made up a plain black small/medium diaper to match this funky set.   It will fit my little nephew until he is around 17lbs or so.  I included an extra doubler for heavy wetting.

I am excited to give this gift at the shower.   I know my niece is going to think it is SWEET!