Toot Sweets Diapers

I make and sell diapers.   My daughter wanted to save money and  be earth friendly with her new born, so she asked me to come up with an organic diaper that really works.  I love a challenge, so I came up with these.  They work GREAT!!il_570xN.899566896_g9fz.jpgil_570xN.899328147_t1cr.jpgil_570xN.899566904_l2m1.jpg


Today I had an order for a fantastic Harry Potter Diaper.  So you guessed it, I was sewing diapers today!  All of my licensed fabric diapers are made to order.  I am just the seamstress for the customer.  Every diaper that comes off the machine is my absolute favorite.  I just love sewing something that makes people so happy:)     I am trying to get my web page up and going, but getting the actual sales part up is taking a bit.  In the meantime, you can check out any of my other designs in my Etsy shop

Life is SWEET! — Tracy:)