It’s a Toot-Sweets Day-Football Style!

I am always sewing diapers for my Toot Sweets Diapers Etsy shop.   Sometimes I get lots of orders and sometimes it is slow.  It doesn’t really matter to me.  I just enjoy making them:). 

The past few days I have been making custom orders for sports team diapers. Aren’t they just so cute?

These are going to three different homes for Christmas gifts.  What a great idea!  It is a gift that keeps giving.  I know that I have saved my daughter thousands of dollars by giving her a couple sets of these diapers.  He stays dry AND looks adorable! Especially while sleeping on the quilt I made for him:)

I’m really not trying to promote my Etsy shop, I’m just journaling about my daily creative adventures.  I really just love to sew and these diapers are  way too cute not to share every once in a while:)

I hope you all are looking forward to Thanksgiving– I know that I am.  In fact after I am done mailing out these diapers, I am going to start the cleaning and preparing for my company.   Yea!

Best of days to you!


Fluff Bum Sweetness!

I have been sewing 6 diapers for a custom order today and yesterday.  I just love making these beautiful cloth diapers.  They make me happy knowing that they will bring smiles to everyone who sees them:)
Aren’t the patterns just adorable?   The top is Lime Daisy and the bottom is Galaxy.  These are made with a completely waterproof Polyurethane Laminate outer and a super soft suede liner.  The soakers are 100% organic bamboo /hemp.   They hold A LOT of liquid!
Here is UpTown and Mod Flowers.   I can just picture a happy baby wearing these with a cute little ruffled tee.  So cute!

Purple Roses has a soft airy type of feel. I just love it!  Yes, every diaper I make seems to be my favorite. If you are interested in cloth diapering, I have plenty available in my shop

Don’t hesitate to add a comment here or in my shop if you have any questions

  I hope you have a SWEET DAY!   


Baby Shower Gift Set

imageMy niece-in-law is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Her baby shower is coming up soon so I thought I would use the occasion to make a few more pj items for my Summer Sew Along projects.  I need, I mean get to make six sleep wear items before August:)  I am going to be gone for a week in July so I am trying to get things made early.

I have an etsy shop called Toot Sweets Diapers where I sell organic All in Two sized cloth diapers.  I knew that for one of my sleep wear projects I wanted to make a diaper set for a baby.  I bought this fantastically cute pattern online from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop. I picked out some SWEET fabric that I had in my stash and started sewing.

The pattern was very very easy to follow and understand. I haven’t sewn clothing for babies in a long time and was amazed at how little of fabric it needed to make a sleeve! The finished project is ADORABLE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BUT the pattern was a bit misleading and made me a little angry because that darling hat is not included in the pattern!  I had to go back online and buy another seperate pattern for the hat. UGH!   It is a darling hat, but hey, if it is shown on the pattern, it should be included unless plainly marked.image

Oh well, I am glad I have the patterns.  This will be my baby shower gift for all new babies in the future:)

I made up a plain black small/medium diaper to match this funky set.   It will fit my little nephew until he is around 17lbs or so.  I included an extra doubler for heavy wetting.

I am excited to give this gift at the shower.   I know my niece is going to think it is SWEET!


Stripping Cloth Diapers

I wanted my first blog post to be fun and sweet. Stripping my Toot Sweets cloth diapers was the obvious choice.

To strip a cloth diaper is to deep clean it in a way that removes the smell of ammonia. It is impossible to have a pleasant experience when you don’t strip your cloth diapers. Worse, if you don’t strip your cloth diapers, you run the risk of your child getting a rash or an infection.

I have been cloth-diapering since Quintin, my son, was 1 month old. My mother has spoiled me by outfitting my child with 30+ diapers. They all look adorable and work amazingly! But even the best cloth diapers will inevitably begin to smell like an amonia bomb. I tried so many different methods, mainly bleach and dawn dish soap which only seemed to work for a week and then would start to burn my poor little boys bottom! I HAD to figure something out. So after lots of late night searches I came across this website:

Cloth Diapers Stink? Could Be Ammonia!

Stefanie (aka The Monarch Mommy) is amazing. She has done a wonderful job of explaining ammonia buildup, so I won’t. But please, please, please check out her blog when you have finished here; it is worth the read. I want to show you my routine.

Here we go!


I use my canning pot and fill it about 3/4ths of the way full. Then I set the stove to the hottest setting and add RLR first. I have only been able to find it on amazon . I bought a 10 pack for about $12. I use the whole package.


Then I add a tablespoon of cloth diaper detergent. I made my own detergent. I’m not crazy about it though so I will let you know when I find a detergent that I do love.
Now I just stick my already cleaned inserts in the pot. I don’t want to melt the buttons on the covers so I leave the covers in the washing machine sitting in the hot water.


After that, I wait for the water to bubble and the inserts get puffy and bubbly. NOTE: If you haven’t noticed, I made sure to have the clock show in most of the shots so you can get my exact timing and how hot the water is.
After about 10 minutes in the boiling water, I put both the inserts and the covers in the washing machine. I pour the boiling water in the washing machine and let that sit for another 10 minutes.



Then I run the diapers through one wash cycle and then dry them the way that works best for you. I usually let the covers air dry in the sun and put the inserts through the dryer so they are nice and fluffy for this little cutie to run and play in!

And that’s it. Please let me know if this worked for you!



It’s a Toot Sweets day! –St. Louis Cardinals Style

After the long weekend wedding, I was glad to sit behind my sewing machine again. I had a custom order for this fantastic St. Louis Cardinals diaper.  Baseball season here we come!

I just love sewing these fun cloth diapers.  It feels really good to make something that  looks so dang cute, is great for the environment, AND really works!

I have lots of great styles In my etsy shop


Toot Sweets Diapers

I make and sell diapers.   My daughter wanted to save money and  be earth friendly with her new born, so she asked me to come up with an organic diaper that really works.  I love a challenge, so I came up with these.  They work GREAT!!il_570xN.899566896_g9fz.jpgil_570xN.899328147_t1cr.jpgil_570xN.899566904_l2m1.jpg


Today I had an order for a fantastic Harry Potter Diaper.  So you guessed it, I was sewing diapers today!  All of my licensed fabric diapers are made to order.  I am just the seamstress for the customer.  Every diaper that comes off the machine is my absolute favorite.  I just love sewing something that makes people so happy:)     I am trying to get my web page up and going, but getting the actual sales part up is taking a bit.  In the meantime, you can check out any of my other designs in my Etsy shop

Life is SWEET! — Tracy:)