Long Time Gone SAL week #3

I found a little bit of sewing time this past Saturday as I listened to the General Conference of our church online.  It was a very enjoyable day. 

I am quilting along with Gnome Angel as we sew the Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.  It is so fun!  These little Crosses of the U.K. blocks just stitched right up.  Aren’t they cute?

It took longer just choosing my fabrics and cutting them out than sewing them together.  I cut the fabric to the specified sizes in the pattern and then put them all in block groups  on my preview board.

Here is how I sewed them up.–

I marked the center of the triangles and sewed them to each side of the long triangle.  I pressed them open and squared them up.

Isn’t that easy?  Now I laid the block out and sewed them up.

The block is adorable!!  Here is another:)

There is nothing like a SWEET day of sewing:). God bless you and happy sewing!