Memories of Patchwork Party 2008

Good Morning!  Its a beautiful Memorable Monday here in Arizona.  The monsoons have come so the weather has cooled down.  It is my favorite time of year.  Rain in the desert is a treat that brings such relief  from the long dry days of summer.  It smells so good too!  I just love it:)

Have any of you ever participated in the  online Patchwork Party ?   It is a yearly event where you go to and look at 12 blocks.   Each block is hosted by a different quilt shop.  You go to that shop and order the block.   They will send you the block pattern and fabric needed for that one block.  

Each shop has also designed a finishing kit.  You can preview all of the kits on the patchwork party website and then order the one you like from the shop.   It is a great way to become acquainted new quilting sites.

I wish I could say it was an easy way to make a quilt, but I can’t.  The instructions were very difficult to use.  The pattern didn’t give rotary cutting instructions.  Instead it wanted you to buy templates and cut small triangles and squares using lettered templates.  I didn’t buy the templates.  I just don’t like using them. I prefer rotary cutting strips  and then sub-cutting.  So I had to measure each shape and make a master key for the dimensions.  Ugh!

But, even with all of that, I really do like how this quilt turned out.  I love the appliquéd flowers and the reds, blues, and touch of green.  It is almost a patriotic quilt but not quite.   It also is a great mix of boy and girl.  Perfect!

I made this while my boys were in high school and put it in the “wedding quilt” closet.  I’m glad I did because that way  I had several very technical, and well quilted quilts there for my daughter in laws to choose from.  You can’t just make a quilt in a few months while preparing a wedding.  Early preparation was a great idea:)

I was glad when my daugher in law chose this quilt for my #2 son.   I had always thought of this as his quilt.  He would never choose one himself.  He always said it would be her choice.  She and I have such similar tastes!  I just love that girl:)!!  She is such a SWEETIE!

I quilted this on a long arm Gammill quilt machine.   I love the circles mixed with meandering and flowers in the squares.  It really is a work of art.

Thank you for stopping by:)