My Peacock Bag 

I have been working on this bag since my trip to Israel.  It is almost done.  I have changed it just a bit by adding some gold bead work to the overlay design.  I think it makes the stitching just “pop” right out:)

It really wasn’t hard to attach the beads.  It just added some time.  I sewed three beads at a time around the overlay design to get this beautiful shine to my bag.
Doesn’t it look great?

I sewed the front and back together and used the hardware from my old bag to attach a strap that I ordered off of eBay. (It hasn’t come in yet, but I will show it all completed soon🙂

I think the back looks groovy as well!

This bag will bring back SWEET memories of my anniversary cruise.  I spent hours on the plane and relaxing moments on the balcony  working on it. All that is left is the lining and I will write about that on Wednesday or Thursday because tomorrow is the final day for the quilt giveaway and I will be making one last call to anyone who would like to enter.  

Thank you for dropping by!


You can enter the give away here