Why Thread Matters

It’s Hand Quilt Along time and I have finally been back to stitching in the evenings. Yea! I am happy to report that I have stitched together 10 more blocks for my Quatro Color Quilt.

I am hand stitching all of these little pieces with the English Paper Piecing method of folding the fabric around a paper and then stitching them together. You can read about it here.

I have been using a wonderful smoke colored thread called “Invisifil” by Wonderfil. It is specifically for hand embroidery.

This is a 100 weight thread. That is VERY thin! The higher the number of the weight of thread the smaller and lighter the thickness. It seems backwards, but it’s true.

This little thread is smooth, strong and practically invisible. Can you see the thread here as I stitch?

It’s there, but really it’s basically invisible! The thread seems too light to be strong enough to pull tight, but it is quite strong as well. It makes for such beautiful stitching:)

The only time it shows at all is on a very dark piece like this dark blue.

I didn’t like that too much, so I thought I would just go to my collection of sewing thread and use a black that I use on my sewing machine.

I don’t know the brand or the exact weight, but it is a cotton blend about a 60 weight. I had to use a larger needle for the thread to fit in the eye.

The thread matched much better, but ugh! It was a tangled mess!

I had to hold the thread as I pulled it through, and I had to pull quite slowly. It did look nice in the end though.

Now I know why they use a wax to apply to the thread first for hand sewing! Lol:). I think I am just going to buy a darker Invisifil because it is easier to pull through and very rarely knots.

Ah! The satisfaction of a bunch of beautiful blocks all lined up, neat and tidy:)

Thank you so very much for stopping by today. If you have a moment or two, why don’t you join me to see what the other hand quilters are stitching up?

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