Positive Energy Quilt Finish!

I love it! I have come to the end of a delightful journey of sewing, appliqué,and quilting. I joined Sherri Noel @rebeccamaedesigns. She gave such wonderful instructions along with videos and patterns. I highly recommend it!

As I come to the end of a project, it is always bittersweet. I rejoice in the final stitch, but feel like I am losing a friend with the pile of blocks that greet me in my sewing space each day

It’s ok though. There are always many more projects calling to me in that room!:)

I am excited to share with you the final photo shoot of this adorable quilt. CAUTION: Watch for Quilter’s Eye Candy Ahead!! LOL! Here we go—

I chose the teals in the borders and the binding to help with unifying and calming the action of the blocks. I think it worked nicely.

I didn’t have enough of the teal in 2.5” strips to make the binding, but I had plenty of the 1.5” strip scraps so I added a wider pink strip and trimmed to an offset 2.5” with the pink being wider so when it folded in half, it had this cute pink edge peeking out.

I stitched it to the back, folded to the front and stitched in the ditch. It made a kind of piping effect. Cute!!

Here are a few of the blocks. I can’t pick a favorite, well maybe the butterfly….or the yin and Yang… but that sewing pin cushion really makes me smile:)

And who doesn’t like a crumpled quilt that has been well loved and ready for a grab to snuggle up with and read a book or relax and drink a cup of warm cocoa or iced lemonade?

Well- it’s time to fold this quilt and get it ready for its new home—-

This one is going to my grand daughter, Cleo, for her birthday. She is a bit too young to really appreciate it yet, but her mom assured me it will be a wonderful wall hanging until she is a bit older.

Thank you for joining me on my Positive Energy journey. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and have maybe felt inspired to try a journey of your own. Please feel free to comment and leave some Positive Energy. I LOVE to hear from you!!!

Have a super SWEET day!