Thailand Quilt Finished!

I am pleased to say that my Thailand quilts, that were only going to take a week or so to make , are finally finished. They only took a month or so. Lol!

Isn’t this just so pretty? The bright colors are so reminiscent of my trip. And after fighting with the bias diamonds, now I am really glad I opted for that design.

I didn’t have a pattern. I just cut diamonds and bordered them with strips. I fought with lining them up to get nice matching points , and the borders wanted to stretch as well. But in the end I won the fight ! Lol:)!

I like how the larger diamonds didn’t cut the fabric away so the beautiful fabric design still showed through.

I added a luscious deep teal flannel to the back and used a very thick gold thread to the bobbin. I love how well the pattern shows on the back.

I bound the quilts with a fun black and white stripe that adds a little pop to the edges.

So now it is time to fold these memories up, and give one away to my friend. What will I do with my quilt? I think it is going to be my take along travel quilt. It is soft and cuddly which is just perfect for relaxing after a long day of adventures.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I appreciate your encouragement and questions. You do make my day SWEET indeed!