Village Quilt Highs and Lows

I am finally back to this cute quilt.  It always seems like there is another quilt or project with a deadline that has pushed this one further and further back on my list.  Well, the day has come and I am ready to sew!

I opened the box and took out all of my neatly sewed blocks.  They have been so patiently waiting for me to visit them again.  It has been almost a year!

All I have to do is sew these blocks together, lay them out, and I am done, right?  Well, that was easier said than done.  Just choosing the right roof for each house took a little planning, but not  too much of a problem.

I started sewing away.  Chaining all of these together took some time.  Really, it took longer than I thought it would.  There are a lot of houses here, over 100 of them!   I’m glad I had my handy cutting gizmo:)

I just love how easy this makes separating chained pieces.  I bought two of these because I like it so much, one for home and one for my quilting class bag.

All you do is place the chain stitch between the notch and press down.  Your hands are free to hold the fabric so it falls neatly where you want it to.

It makes cutting a chain apart lightening fast!  I highly, highly recommend it, and no I am not getting paid anything to say so! Lol:)

Now that the sewing was done I pressed each one open, and that was the end of the highs for this quilt.  

Now it was on to what should have been the fun part, laying it all out.  I can’t believe how tricky this was!  The houses are set together in groups with small spacer pieces between them. Sounds easy enough right?  Not!!

I would count and re-count, check the size of each spacer, and try to balance the color.  In the end, I started sewing them together and the rows weren’t all the same size.

I unsewed one row three times, added more spacers, measured all of the rows again with a measuring tape and some were still off an inch or even two!   I pinned, checked the pattern, and pinned!  I never realized how much a seam matching quilt really helped in getting those edges right.

Well, to end my low session, I did finally get it all put together, but the top was and is about 2″ smaller than the bottom.  That was it. The End. — I neatly folded it up, put it back in the box and wrote a note to myself saying what the problem was.  I will fix this another day.  There are times to just walk away, and this was one of those times!

So, it was a high and low type day.  Those days happen.  It’s all good.  

I hope your day is an all high and SWEET day!  

Until tomorrow,