Toto- We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

My best friend’s daughter got married today in Utah.  Here is what my car looked like this morning….This Arizona girl is NOT used to this!  The blanket of snow is so beautiful, but I must admit that I am worried about my drive home tomorrow.

Yesterdays drive from Eastern Arizona through Las Vegas to Utah was a wet, messy drive the whole way.  Back splash from trucks made the drive especially exciting.  Not!

We did have one highlight though.  We had a Destination Dining experience.  Whenever we go through Las Vegas, we HAVE to stop at Tacos El Gordo.  Have you ever been there?  If not, you really should make it  a must stop on your next trip to Las Vegas.

This taco shop is the real deal.  I don’t know why they call them Gordo though. They are little 3 inch tacos.

They shave the meat off of this big skewered thing and cover it with a green sauce of some sort.  Yummy yummy!!  Really, give this place a try.  It is a definite dining destination:)!

But of course, the highlight was the wedding.  It was beautiful.  I am glad we braved the cold.  The couple is so happy. Just as newlyweds should be:)

It has been a very SWEET day!