Wedding Cake Time

I haven’t been asked to make a wedding cake in a while. I have missed it. I really do like making cakes for my family and dear, close friends.

I was so honored to be asked to make the cake for my “adopted” son, Larry, and his beautiful bride, Payton. He isn’t really my son, but was at my house so much that he became a real part of the family. I bet you have one or two “adopted” children of your own!

Larry and Payton chose a chocolate cake with delicious buttercream icing. She supplied the peonies and roses for the accents. Isn’t it beautiful?

I am so glad that the trend is away from fondant. I think buttercream is so loose and shabby sheik.

I thought her choice of black and white checkers was fun as well.

Another fun accent at the reception was the 3 foot lighted LOVE sign. It was a real eye catcher!

The bride’s grandpa made it for the reception. Wasn’t that nice? What a treasure!:)

I loved making this cake for my dear, SWEET friends. I wish them happiness and love in their life together.

May we all be so happy!