Back To The Hook with Grinda!

I love to crochet and have been sadly missing my crochet time. I have been so busy with quilting and life that I have not picked up a crochet hook in months. Well, I am happy to report that I am stitching again. Yea!!

When I saw this beautiful Grinda MAL shawl designed by Tatsiana @Lila Bjorn Crochet, I knew I had to make one, or two.

I have not crocheted anything for my mother in a very long time. I thought I would make a Shawl for her for Christmas. I ordered my Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette yarn on Etsy. It is just the perfect color for her. I know she will love it:)

The pattern is free and is written in 5 parts. It did not take me too long to stitch up part # 1. I always find the first few inches of any crochet project to be the trickiest.

I like the lacey stitch and softness of the cotton blend yarn. I am getting used to using such thin yarn. It has been a while since I have had to manage a string yarn.

I’m excited to watch as the color blends to pink on part 2:)

I think each part will be divided by this raised ridge stitch. Isn’t it pretty?:)

Here is my completed part 1 of the Grinda MAL Shawl. I am going to absolutely love this!

I hope you are having a wonderful day filled with a creative project or two. Life is so so SWEET!

Until next time,


Granny Square Skirt on the Hook Again

Yea!  My yarn from over seas came in yesterday, and I can resume stitching on my granny square skirt.i feel quite lucky that I was able to find this yarn at all since I bought it from a Bernina shop in Jerusalem.  Have you ever seen a shopping bag from Jerusalem?  Here it is.That alphabet really looks unreadable to me.  Somehow we share the joy of a common love, sewing and crochet.  It’s such a small world!

I am on the road , AGAIN!  My parents both turned 80 this past year,  all of my brothers and sisters bought them a trip and are joining them on a vacation.  We haven’t all been on a trip together in over 15 years!  We are all so excited:) 

So… I am glad this yarn came in. Now I can hopefully finish this skirt on the drive.  I think I can, I think I can!I am stitching in the back loops of the stitches to give this great striped look.This skirt is going to be based on this  free pattern:I am going to make it in a round and add a few inches.  I think it is going to fantastic!

Thank you for dropping by my blog.  I hope you have a SWEET weekend:)

Bon Voyage!! -Gathering yarn for my trip

The day has finally come!  We leave tonight to start our 30th anniversary cruise:). Yea! Yea!  We will be traveling to the Jewels of the Aegean on the Oceania Riviera.   Well,  that really means we’re going to Greece and Israel!!    Can you tell that I am excited? 

Oceania has been so nice to work with so far. They sent us a very nice itinerary booklet with our names printed on it.  It is very customized to us.  We feel pampered already!

This is a 5 1/2 star ship that is geared to food lovers like myself.  I really am a foodie so I am excited to see what makes this ship known for its dining.

I of course am gathering my travel projects.  I would never let 19 hours on a plane go without some handwork.  You get me, right?  We crocheter/quilters are a keep your hands busy breed!

I figure that now is the time to start (and hopefully catch up) on my peacock bag.  Aren’t the colors pretty?  They are the originals from the CAL.  I love my little starfish stitch markers.  They match so well!  

I ordered this beautiful yarn cutter to wear as a necklace in the plane.  I didn’t even know they made these until one of you fantastic bloggers blogged about it.  I wish I could remember who, but I can’t so to all of you,  Thx!  

I also ordered this fantastic camel hair yarn with thoughts of the Middle East. 

It is really soft and pretty, but still kind of smells like a camel, lol:)!  I wound these hanks up into two lovely cakes of yarn that I am also going to bring just in case I finish the peacock bag.  It doesn’t look that hard…..

I plan on buying Israeli and Greek yarn and fabric to bring home as my souvenirs.  Won’t that be fun?

Soooo… I am off to start packing!  



Funeral Blanket

I can’t decide if I am thoughtfully kind or just morbid, but I make funeral blankets.  I have done this for years.  I make them and put them in my closet.  Then when someone close to me  passes away, I am ready with a gift of love and comfort.  I wish I could say that I have a closet full of blankets, but I have said good bye to my grandmas, a few dear older Sisters in my church ward, and even some tragic goodbyes of younger friends.   I am always grateful that I took the time before these sad events to make a gift for the grieving family that always brings  them and myself such comfort.

With that said,  I started this beautiful daisies blanket on my trip to Wisconsin.   I found the pattern on Pinterest from the website Tejiendo Peru. It is called Flower Garden Stitch.    It is a very lacey design that is perfect for a loving farewell.  imageThe pattern is fairly easy with the exception of leaving so many loops on the hook in order to make the petals all connect.  There is a video here that shows how to make the flower.  The pattern is also easy as it is in English and is a map pattern.  One small picture is the whole pattern. Yea!!  I put it on my phone pictures and was able to crochet on the plane and in the car.  Portable projects are a must!

It didn’t take long to make this cover.  Funeral blankets do not need to wrap all around. They just need to cover or lay on top.   This is about 3’x 4.5′ Just a guesstimate.  I used my favorite Caron Simply Soft yarn.  This white had little sparkles in it.

After blocking, which always makes the afghan calm down and be so pretty,  I added the pearls .  I used pearls from an old bracelet that I had.  They really finish this blanket so well.   It is beautiful!

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never a good thing. But having a SWEET gift to give in times of sorrow is.