Stripping Cloth Diapers

I wanted my first blog post to be fun and sweet. Stripping my Toot Sweets cloth diapers was the obvious choice.

To strip a cloth diaper is to deep clean it in a way that removes the smell of ammonia. It is impossible to have a pleasant experience when you don’t strip your cloth diapers. Worse, if you don’t strip your cloth diapers, you run the risk of your child getting a rash or an infection.

I have been cloth-diapering since Quintin, my son, was 1 month old. My mother has spoiled me by outfitting my child with 30+ diapers. They all look adorable and work amazingly! But even the best cloth diapers will inevitably begin to smell like an amonia bomb. I tried so many different methods, mainly bleach and dawn dish soap which only seemed to work for a week and then would start to burn my poor little boys bottom! I HAD to figure something out. So after lots of late night searches I came across this website:

Cloth Diapers Stink? Could Be Ammonia!

Stefanie (aka The Monarch Mommy) is amazing. She has done a wonderful job of explaining ammonia buildup, so I won’t. But please, please, please check out her blog when you have finished here; it is worth the read. I want to show you my routine.

Here we go!


I use my canning pot and fill it about 3/4ths of the way full. Then I set the stove to the hottest setting and add RLR first. I have only been able to find it on amazon . I bought a 10 pack for about $12. I use the whole package.


Then I add a tablespoon of cloth diaper detergent. I made my own detergent. I’m not crazy about it though so I will let you know when I find a detergent that I do love.
Now I just stick my already cleaned inserts in the pot. I don’t want to melt the buttons on the covers so I leave the covers in the washing machine sitting in the hot water.


After that, I wait for the water to bubble and the inserts get puffy and bubbly. NOTE: If you haven’t noticed, I made sure to have the clock show in most of the shots so you can get my exact timing and how hot the water is.
After about 10 minutes in the boiling water, I put both the inserts and the covers in the washing machine. I pour the boiling water in the washing machine and let that sit for another 10 minutes.



Then I run the diapers through one wash cycle and then dry them the way that works best for you. I usually let the covers air dry in the sun and put the inserts through the dryer so they are nice and fluffy for this little cutie to run and play in!

And that’s it. Please let me know if this worked for you!



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