Navajo Code Talkers

A friend and I have been working on this unique quilt for a few months.   She saw it made up in a quilt store in Utah and just had to have it.  She called me and asked me to make one with her, so of course I did:). I love quilting along with friends.  I guess that is why I like Internet quilt alongs so well, but a real life QAL is the BEST!



We have pieced all of the fun center strip sections,  I would like to say that the instructions were clear and easy, but quite a few of the blocks were incorrect, and many were difficult to understand. Luckily, I am not a beginning quilter so I just used the piecing technique that I like best and went on ahead.  It is frustrating though when the pattern is confusing.


I am really enjoying adding the strips and watching these blocks grow bigger, but  bummer, I don’t  have enough fabric!  It’s my own fault though.  I decided that making two of each block  was easier to do now instead of later when I might want it bigger. (Ugh, I do that quite often with quilts I like).  I added extra fabric from my stash, but now  that I am at the end, I realize I need more.   So this quilt will have to wait until my order of new fabric comes in. Lol!

I just love how these ironed Code Talker strips are turning out!


Oh well. Life is SWEET and I will finish this quilt when the fabric comes in next week:)



2 thoughts on “Navajo Code Talkers

  1. I saw this pattern, maybe as a kit, in a catalog. I think the design is very attractive. Are you making it in wool? Yours is going to be super. I’ve thought about doing something similar — blocks created in strip format — in my own colors and design. Feeling more sure that I want to, having seen yours. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Melanie! — yes it was a kit. Most of it was easy to follow,but there were a few errors. If you are comfortable quilting, it should not be a problem though. It really is turning out nice. I will post the finished quilt in the next week or so. I hope you give it a try, and if you do, I would LOVE to see it!–Tracy;)


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