Stop and Smell the Roses-A Nature’s Walk Splendid Sampler Block

imageWoo hoo! I’m finished with my Nature’s walk. I really think this one should be called “slow down and smell the roses”. It took a few slow stitching nights, but it was a joy to watch it “bloom” on my fabric. I tried some new techniques (really they are all new techniques to me because I have not embroidered before this sampler journey) I know I would not have appreciated the beauty of it if I would have tried to just quickly stitch around the lines or tried a “quicker” technique just to “finish” it so I could move on to the next block. Isn’t that how life is? So often we are so busy trying to get to the next phase of our day or life that we don’t stop and enjoy the journey.

I really do just LOVE how it turned out!  This is such a fun project:). I hope your day is SWEET!




4 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses-A Nature’s Walk Splendid Sampler Block

    1. Hi Melanie– yes, I am new to embroidery,but am finding that I like it very much. It is like painting with yarn. I like how you can add shading and texture. I used to cross stitch too :). While that was fun, it is not nearly as free as embroidery seems to be

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