Village Quilt- Cutting and More Cutting


It was a perfect day to get back to my beautiful Village Quilt.  I took out the gorgeous 5″ squares and just sat and looked at them for a moment or two.  Yes, I absolutely adore this color scheme!  If you remember from my last post, I used the Bread n’ Butter fabric line and added quite a bit from my stash to get this big block of squares.

The next step was to separate the squares into three piles. The pattern gives nice instructions and tells the amount for each pile.  Then you  cut, cut, and cut some more.

I sub cut each stack into different sizes.  There are two sides for the house. One roof, one door, one house front square, a few chimney pieces and two background triangles.image

Oh, how I just love the look of neatly stacked piles of fabric ready to take to my sewing machine!

After  all of this wonderful cutting and preparing for the house construction, I had two stacks of extra triangles that I am going to make into a “freebie” quilt.  I think I will call it “Out on the Town”.  SWEET!!   –Tracy

Extra triangles for a FREEBIE quilt!

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