Navajo Code Talkers- Almost Done!


What I thought was just going to take a quick afternoon to finish up has taken me all week!  My soft, rich fabric came in on Monday and I could hardly wait to cut it into strips and add it to my patiently waiting squares.image

I sewed, pressed and then sewed some more.  Each of these squares ended up being  15 1/4″ square.  Odd sized I know, but that was it.  image

I made 36 of them.  This quilt will be a king size cover that is going to look great in my sons old room that will now be a guest room.  Should I make a sign to place on it that says, “Please don’t sit on this amazing yet fragile quilt”?  There are so many people out there that just don’t know quilt etiquette:)

Here they are all lined up and ready for sewing togetherimage

I moved a few around to get the colors the way I liked them and even replaced a strip or two with different colored fabric to get it just the way I liked it, but this is roughly how it looks.   Isn’t it great?!  I tell you what, finding a piece of floor large enough to preview a quilt this size is no easy task! Lol:)

I like to work row by row, block by block when assembling my quilts.  I don’t chain assemble or even work one half and then the other.   I find it too easy to get lost. I carefully lay one row of blocks on top of each other and mark the edge of the first block  with a clover  clip that I leave there until all of the rows have been sashed and sewn together.

I am so excited to see this come together:)   Now all I have left is a piano key border that I will finish tomorrow.  Yea!!

I hope you have a SWEET day!  –Tracy


4 thoughts on “Navajo Code Talkers- Almost Done!

  1. This will be really beautiful. If the seams are good, it should not be fragile. And as long as there aren’t pet claws ripping through it or other outright abuse, it should hold up to most normal treatment, including sitting.


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