Dear Daughter…chapter 1


My beautiful daughter will be leaving home to go to school soon.  I saw this Block of the Month pattern by Sherrie @ and just knew that I had to sign up.  It is a fun, whimsical, “Momma Loves You” quilt that I know will remind my daughter of me as she heads off for new adventures at school.  Here she is.  Isn’t she just beautiful?image

This first chapter was so fun:). I used two methods of applique again.   The first was a type of turned applique . A cute older lady in my quilt class taught me this method years ago.  It works so well for larger pieces.

  1. Trace  the pattern to the non sticky side of a light weight fusible interfacing.
  2. Cut around the shape leaving at least 1/2 an inch around the marking.
  3. Place the shiny side of the interfacing to the right side of the fabric and sew all the way around.  Do not leave an opening for turning.  Clip the seam allowances to 1/4″ and notch the curves.
  4. Cut a clip in the interfacing NOT the outside fabric.
  5. Turn the fabric inside out. Use a stiletto to get the edges smooth.

This piece is now fusible so you can press it in place on your block and it will stay.  Yea!  Now you can stitch it down by hand or machine.  It works great!image

I used the fusible web technique for all of the wording and zig zagged around it.  There was a lot if it and it was very skinny, but didn’t take too long.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!   I won’t be able to start chapter 2 until after my vacation next week, but it will be waiting patiently for me:)


I hope you have SWEET Memorial Day!



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