“Finish What You Start”

“Finish what you start”. Isn’t that what our mothers used to say? I started the Fat Quarter Shop 2016 Mystery Block of the Month because I love getting little packages in the mail. I especially like them if they are filled with pretty fabric.

Well, 2016 went by and then 2017 and 2018. I would make a block here and a block there until they were all done. Now, in 2019, I am finally ready to finish this lovely quilt and have an empty box in my sewing room. Sweet!! That box won’t be empty long

Each of the 12.5″ blocks were so fun to make. The instructions were easy to read and follow. I loved each finished block, but I think this one is my favorite.

No wait, maybe this one! Lol! – Well, I really liked them all.

I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to finish my quilt blocks. The program sent this layout. I wasn’t too sure that I liked it all that well.

I think it was the large side leaves and plain border. But when I just looked at one block with the adorable block border, I fell in love! The small block border made each block look like a beautiful flower🌸

Isn’t it so unique and fresh looking?!

Now it was time to decide on a layout. I started by laying them all out in the original pattern layout.

Hmm.. what should I do with those blank spaces where the leaves were supposed to be? I had quite a bit of extra scrap fabric so I decided to fill in the sides with a checkerboard strip. I sashed in between and added an off center checkered strip on the top and bottom as well.

Brilliant!! Now I love it❤️❤️

Time to quilt! I am putting this one on the long arm quilting machine and hope to have it done next week. My nephew may be the lucky recipient of this quilt because he is getting married to the most beautiful girl next week. I had better hurry!!

Happy sewing 🙂

Have you ever joined a Block of the Month program from the Fat Quarter Shop? If not, I highly recommend you give it a try. The fabric and the pattern are included. The fabric is always high quality and they are never stingy.


Delilah Block #4 – Fairhaven

It is always a happy day when my Jen Kingwell Delilah QAL Templates and fabric come in each month!  I eagerly open the envelope, and drink in the pretty fabrics.  I read the instructions at least twice and then try to wait until I can relax a bit and get started.  

But this time I was so excited to get started that I didn’t wait to take a picture of all of my pretty fabrics.  Oh well, as you can see, they make up into a beautiful block!

The hardest part was deciding what colors I wanted to put where:). Isn’t that always the case?

The cutting was also no easy task this month.  There were a lot of curves all over the place!  I just focused on one square at a time.  It was easier that way:)

I tried my hand at hand sewing a few of the curves, but gave up. Nope, that was not for me.   I much prefer my sewing machine.

With just a little tug here and there, the curves just magically sew together.  And look how pretty they turn out!

Those striped convex pieces in the middle just make me smile:)

I just love them!:)

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. I will be back to tomorrow with our final Learn to Quilt Lesson – Pins and Stripes.  SWEET!!

Until tomorrow,

Dear Daughter Quilt FINISHED!!

Oh my, oh my!  I am so happy to say this quilt is finished:) Yea!! Yea!!  It has been a labor of love to be sure.When  I first saw this Block of the Month advertised by Rebecca Mae Designs, I absolutely knew that I had to make one for my Dear  Daughter.  I have loved each and every chapter.  I spent my time sewing and thinking of my daughter.

I think my favorite chapter is the center.  One wild and precious life.  She is so precious to me.

Bur I really like the Nourish Faith chapter as well. Those corner flowers are so great!
I spent a very long time quilting this beauty.  It was a lot of free motion mixed with some fun motifs.I love the hearts and flowers:) Aren’t they pretty?

Here is my quilt getting ready to be trimmed for binding.  

I trimmed and then serged the edges to keep things all neat and stable while sewing the binding on.

I used my favorite  binding method to get these fantastic mitered edges and beautiful invisible front stitching.
I added a label to the back that I printed out on my computer.  I will make a blog post on how to do this soon…

And done!  And none too soon because my  dear daughter’s birthday is tomorrow!  She is going to LOVE it:)
Thank you for following along on my Dear Daughter journey.  It has been a SWEET adventure!

Dear Daughter chapter 11

This quilt of love is almost done!  I have really looked forward to and enjoyed making each chapter.  My face would light up when I would see Sherri’s email filled with the templates and instructions for each months addition:). What a SWEET journey this has been.

Isn’t this section beautiful?  Matching those points was a bear though.   I could really use some advice on perfecting points.  If you have any, let me know because I must have sewn and unsewn 3 or 4 times on some of these.  Here is an example–  you can see the gap even though I thought I was sewing to perfection.I gently removed the stitches and tried again with pins only to have it off again.  So I unsewed again and only stitched a few stitches just over the point That helped quite a bit and the re-do matching was much easier if it still came out a bit off.  I finally got the point to match, but the fabric is puckerey.  Puckers don’t bother me as much because it is a quilt and quilts are by their nature, puckered.Dont get me wrong, I would prefer perfection, but hey, I’m not perfect.   

Here are the two new blocks for this chapter:There were two beautiful bear claws in two corners and a Happy flower with a lovely saying on the inside.

I used my handy Perfect Circles templates to help with the circles by the stem.It was easy to get these perfect circles by whip stitching  around the template and ironing right over the plastic.   I sprayed them pretty heavily with starch as well.  When the circle was dry and cool,  I just had to snip one running stitch and pull the template out for these perfect circles!

I absolutely LOVE this quilt and block. Thank you for reading about my journey.  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday:)! 

 If you have any tips on point matching  other than sew more accurately, I would love to hear them:)

Dear Daughter…chapter 1


My beautiful daughter will be leaving home to go to school soon.  I saw this Block of the Month pattern by Sherrie @ rebeccamaedesigns.com and just knew that I had to sign up.  It is a fun, whimsical, “Momma Loves You” quilt that I know will remind my daughter of me as she heads off for new adventures at school.  Here she is.  Isn’t she just beautiful?image

This first chapter was so fun:). I used two methods of applique again.   The first was a type of turned applique . A cute older lady in my quilt class taught me this method years ago.  It works so well for larger pieces.

  1. Trace  the pattern to the non sticky side of a light weight fusible interfacing.
  2. Cut around the shape leaving at least 1/2 an inch around the marking.
  3. Place the shiny side of the interfacing to the right side of the fabric and sew all the way around.  Do not leave an opening for turning.  Clip the seam allowances to 1/4″ and notch the curves.
  4. Cut a clip in the interfacing NOT the outside fabric.
  5. Turn the fabric inside out. Use a stiletto to get the edges smooth.

This piece is now fusible so you can press it in place on your block and it will stay.  Yea!  Now you can stitch it down by hand or machine.  It works great!image

I used the fusible web technique for all of the wording and zig zagged around it.  There was a lot if it and it was very skinny, but didn’t take too long.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!   I won’t be able to start chapter 2 until after my vacation next week, but it will be waiting patiently for me:)


I hope you have SWEET Memorial Day!