A Visit to the Heartland

My children are spreading their wings and leaving the nest.  Where did those little kids go?  They are gone and  grown to now.  But I am so happy with the  wonderful new additions  that their spouses are to our family.

This week I visited my #2 son and his new bride in Wisconsin where he is working for the summer.  It was so fun because I went out with my best friend  whose daughter and son in law are working there too!  We had some fun adventures:)

Chicago — We started in Chicago where we went to the Bean.  I don’t really get this landmark.  It is a huge mirror covered bean that you walk under and take pictures.  It is very odd, but kind of hypnotic as well.  It is one of those must sees if you ever go to Chicago.

I, of course, had to have a Chicago style hot dog.  The hot dog is just your normal hot dog.  In fact, the one I got down by the bean was not as good as a Hebrew National.  BUT the toppings did make it exceptionally good.  It had fluorescent green relish (I wonder why it is so green?), hot peppers, sliced tomatoes, and a pickle spear –Yum!

We went to the Art Institute which was FANTASTIC!!  I loved seeing the original art and the beautiful architecture.  I loved the beautiful bold colors of Renoir.  This young girl sewing reminds me of my cute red headed girls learning to stitch:)img_0696I can’t believe how the strokes of Vangough’s brush seem to bring him into the room and he is alive again.
My daughter in law loved loved loved the art especially Monet.   But we both enjoyed the American art as well.  American Gothic and Nighthawks were both quite moving .

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Being from dry, Arizona made me especially appreciate all of the green and the flowers.    There were beautiful little and big parks at every turn.  To quote Dorothy,  “I’m not in Kansas anymore!”  It looks like you just throw out seeds and they grow.  .  You only need a lawn mower,  everything else takes care of itself!

Nauvoo– We also took the time to drive 5 hours to visit the historic city of Nauvoo.  Being a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints made this place very special to me.  I could feel the spirit of my pioneer ancestors as I walked the streets.  The old buildings have been restored and the tour guides are all dressed in period clothing.  It  feels like you are in the 1800’s.

We were there while the Nauvoo  Pageant was going on.  It was wonderful!!  The colors, costumes and music were all so big and bold.  It was a great evening:)!

Milwaukee–We of course had to take a trip to Lake Michigan.  I just can’t believe this is a lake and not an ocean. Crazy!   It is beautiful!

Pokemon was the constant activity of this trip as well.  The kids kept trying to get me to join the mania, but I have held strong.  I have too many other time fillers to add this to my day!  They were funny though.  Is Pokemon taking over your world too?

It was wonderful to be with my SWEET children and friends and see this fun part of our country.  I hope your summer is going well too!


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