Merry Christmas in July!


I am part of a sewing group that gives challenges in sewing and then members post their projects.  This summer’s project was to make 6 items of sleep wear.   I have already made a pair of pj bottoms for me and a baby sleepwear set for my new nephew and now I have finished my final two items with this shirt and bottoms for my grandson.  What a cutie!

I knew that I was going to be making him a pair of pj’s for Christmas this year, so I figured I would save myself a bit of time around the holidays and make them now for this challenge.  Yea! I can always use more time at Christmas:)imageI made these from the Happy Feet Pajama Pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. I used some Christmas knit fabric that I bought from Hawthorne  I added some red ribbing knit from Walmart to finish the set.imageI printed the pattern on my computer and then cut and taped it to size.   It was  well marked and the instruction were very clear.  I actually like the thicker paper.  It feels like it is quality.  I want to use it again and again.   I’m sure this pattern will be coming out at my house each Christmas for years to come!

I used my serger to sew the seams because knits need a lot of stretch.  I also like how the edges look so finished and professional.  For the feet I used an old plastic type placemat that I sewed fuzzy soft fabric  to and the sewed in.  They work great! Waste not want not, right?

imageThese little pj’s turned out so cute.  I am excited to see him wear these on Christmas.  I think I will give them to him the first week of December or at Thanksgiving so he can enjoy them all month.  He is definitely a SWEETIE pie!imageThank you for stopping by–Tracy:)

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