Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you, my online friends, have a lovely Christmas this year. I hope you get a quiet moment or two for reflections on things that bring you peace and happiness . I hope you have plenty of good food and sweet family. It would be most pleasant if you have little ones around with excitement in their eyes.

I am especially thankful for the friendships I have made with so many talented people like you this year. Thank you for your kind words of praise and encouragement. You have made my holidays SWEET indeed:)

I will be back after the holiday with a highlight of this year’s favorite projects and the preparations for the MYSTERY QAL. I’m so excited!

Until then, once again, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Came Early This Year!

I love brown paper packages tied up with strings, especially if they have my name on it❤️. I was able to be part of a “shoebox swap” this past year. I gathered up quilting goodies all year long and sent them off to my secret friend in December for Christmas. That was fun, but the really fun part was that all year someone else did the same thing for me! How fun is that?!

Yesterday my beautiful box full of goodies arrived from the wonderful Candi @Quilts n Things. I opened it up and look at what was inside!!

Oh my goodness! I won the shoebox prize for sure❤️❤️! I sat and opened each little present, looked at the beautiful fabric, and ate a few bites of yummy chocolate. Just look at all of the goodness Candi was able to pack in one box!

Crazy, right?! There were so many fun goodies that it is hard to talk about them all, so I will just focus on a few.

Candi made me this darling folded fabric Christmas ornament that went right on my tree:)

She sent me a much needed box of colorful clips. How did she know that I was in the market for some of these?

AND she sent me a cookbook filled with delicious SWEET recipes! Perfect, right?!

I am so glad I had this quiet, early Christmas just for me. Candi, Thank you so much!!

I Wish You a Merry QAL Indeed❤️❤️

I am happy to post that I have finished my Christmas Quilt! Yea!! It has been such a fun journey quilting with many of you and making some new friends along the way:)

This Quilt Along consisted of 12 different blocks designed by 12 different bloggers. Each block was so creative and fun to make, but I think my favorite was the angel block that I added a bit of embroidery embellishment to.

But as I look at that cute string of lights just above it, I have a very hard time not saying that that one is my favorite as well. Wait, oh, wait! Santa’s belt is absolutely adorable tool! Ok, they are all the best in their own way:)

I had a hard time deciding how to set these blocks. The designers each showed how they set theirs and there are quite a few others online. None of them seemed quite right to me. I laid them out all together and really liked them.

Having them all grouped together made the blocks really take center stage. But,…. you knew that was coming, but one, the quilt was a bit small, and two, I had quite a few scraps that needed to be used. I am a Scrap Happy quilter and could not waste any of these beautiful scraps!

I cut my scraps into 3.5″ squares and laid them all out in the center using the blocks as a sort of border.

I laid the squares out into a color way that was pleasing to me. I marked each row with tape and then piled the squares up in rows for easy sewing. Just pick the piles up and sew the squares in order.

I then sashed the blocks with more scraps from a different project. The blue was a bit bold so I just turned it over and used the back side as the right side. LOL! It worked fine for me:)

That blue and white polka dot looks perfect now! No one but you and I know the difference. Hee hee!

I used a soft fluffy minky, fleece on the back that looks like snow, but is anything. but cold. It is soft, warm and cuddly:). I bound it in black to tie the black all together.

And here is the finished quilt:

Isn’t it so festive?! I just love it::)! And just because I love to take pictures of my finished quilts, here a few more fun shots :

I am happy to be linking this post to Kate’s Scrap Happy monthly event. I am tickled pink with how the scraps really added to this quilt. It is perfect to me:) In fact, it’s SWEET!!

This is also my third finish for the Q4FAL. Yea!!

This quilt is now all wrapped up and placed under my tree. I am anxiously awaiting Christmas when my daughter in law will open it up:)

Thank you so much for dropping by today. I am off to my son’s graduation in Idaho this weekend. Even though this Arizona girl is no where near ready for a few days in the snow, I am so excited for him to finally graduate. Yea!!

But no worries, I will be posting my Fantastic Bake Along Cherry Tarts results. Some things are just a must in my life and Cherry Tarts are one of them! LOL:)

Until tomorrow,

If you are interested in making this quilt yourself, here are the links to the designers of each block

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Light the World

This past week has been a week of Serving others and giving of time and talents to the community and to my loved ones. My heart is full❤️❤️

Nativity– Each year, the week after a Thanksgiving, I am blessed to be in charge of our church and community Live Nativity and Crèche Festival.

We enjoyed lovely weather and had over 3000 people attend.

The inside crèche festival was supported with over 200 Nativity displays and 600 drawings from local children.

We also had musical performances from local choirs and soloists. I feel so blessed to be a part of this event.


I have also had the opportunity to quilt for the children of a dear friend who passed away last year. He left a beautiful wife and six young adult children behind.

My sewing friend, Lisa, gathered his shirts and made seven lap quilts! One for each of them:). I volunteered to quilt them on my long arm machine.

Lisa embroidered a name on each quilt to keep them from getting confused as to whose quilt is whose. What a great idea!:)

It has been a wonderful experience quilting and thinking of him and his family. The memories came flooding back as I looked at those shirts and thought of him❤️

Light the World– There are so many ways we can serve others everyday of the year, but I find it especially SWEET to focus on daily acts of service during the Christmas Season. If you are looking for service inspiration, please check out Light the World online. If we all take a moment of time each day this holiday season to give of our time and talents, we truly can LIGHT THE WORLD.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Merry Christmas!  I had sew much fun making this pretty little angel block designed by Sandra Healy Designs for the I Wish You a Merry Christmas QAL.   

 I am trying to stay as close to the designer’s instructions while adding my own personality to the blocks.  I added all of the embroidery and an extra wing on this block.

The actual construction of the background  was very, very easy.  The simple squares were cut and sewn together in no time at all.  

When it was done, I had a beautiful blank slate for my angel to fly on as she places stars in the sky.   The pattern called for adhesive peel and press paper for the appliqué, but the angel and stars just sang, “Please, Tracy, needle turn appliqué and embroider me!”  Of course!!

I cut the shapes from thin card board and sandwiched them inside foil. I then pressed the little packets.   Easy!  I drew the embroidery designs I wanted on the fabric and glued them to my background with just a small dot of glue.

The next few evenings were filled with needle and thread as I relaxed and watched a show with my husband.  

I was happy to use my newly acquired appliqué skills on these little stars. Invisible stitches.  Yea!   You can read about my journey in how I learned to needle turn here.

I made some pretty wings with some of my favorite lace. The pattern only called for one wing, but with lace this lovely, I opted for two.   I love how the fabric is still a bit visible under them.

But my favorite part of this angel block is my pretty angel’s flower crown.   I designed the face and hair myself.  I did not use a pattern.

Her cute little ringlets and darling smile really tickle my fancy.  The flowers were fun to watch bloom as I stitched them down.  I added a bit of color shading to her cheeks to give her a rosey glow..

Isn’t she SWEET?!  I am absolutely in love with her:)❤️. 

Thank you for stopping by today.  It is always nice to share a creative moment with friends like  you!

Reindeer Presents

We have a fun Christmas tradition at our house.  The kids have always been able to open one gift, usually pj’s, on Christmas Eve.  I’m sure many of you share in this tradition.  But what makes this extra SWEET here at our home is the fun reindeer wrapping.

I found this cute pattern in a holiday craft book over 15 years ago, maybe longer.  I spent a good amount of wrapping time cutting out the reindeer on a heavy cardboard and gluing features on his face and hooves. 

I obviously can’t give out the pattern here, but I think it would be really easy to come up with something similar by checking for cute designs online, or even just freehanding a drawing yourself!  Maybe even changing it up with a cute elf holding the present instead?

I also decorated a gift tag with “open on Christmas Eve” written on it.  My family knows not to throw these cards and reindeer away.  I place them in a folder and use them year after year.  Yea!

My children are not little any longer.  They have, all but one, left the nest.  And yet, they still look forward to their Reindeer PJs .  Sometimes a reindeer even brings my husband a new set of pjs!

Last year, I made all of the girls these super fun frilly pj bottoms.  They were made with a home made pattern that I talked about here.   I  had so much fun making them:)

This year it was the boys turn for homemade pjs.  I found a fun pattern online for joggers called Brassie Joggers.  I bought some cool fabric that screamed boy to me.  I was able to whip up 4 pair of men’s joggers and a cute pj set for my grandson in no time at all. A couple of afternoons is all it took:)

I found the pattern to be a bit tricky though because the PDF file came with the sizes layered.  My MAC did not separate them by layer so I just had to guess on the correct size.  

I had my son come and try his on early to make sure everything was a go. He informed me that the pockets were too small.   So I had to enlarge them as well.  I’m glad I did though.  I’m sure they will be more useful now.I like the top with the elastic and the draw string.

I’m sure that Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer are eagerly looking forward to Christmas Eve so they can share their pj surprises.  I know that I am!

Live Nativity 

I am in charge of our church/community Live Nativity each year.  I absolutely love doing it.  It really starts my Christmas season off right.  We have about 3500 people come to enjoy the outside Nativity and then go inside our building next to the beautiful temple to listen to local musical performers and see a crèche festival with over 200 small nativities.  The crowning jewel is a larger than life sized sculpture of the Holy Family that was sculpted by a famous local artist, Justin Fairbanks.Each year I have three different casts, one for each night.  Here are two of our Mary and Joseph’s from this year.  The bottom picture is of my son and his beautiful wife:)

I asked a few talented ladies to hep me sew costumes.  Here is a picture of a few of our shepherds and our wise men.I made the angel costumes.  Those sleeves were tricky, especially since I didn’t have a pattern.  I like how they turned out though.  Each costume is kind of a one size fits all.  When they dance, the sleeves really flow and look elegant.

It has been a SWEET Christmas season for me already.  It all started with going to Israel back in October.  What a great year!!  My life is truly blessed:)!  I recognize the Hand of God so near me every day.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.   Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas in July!


I am part of a sewing group that gives challenges in sewing and then members post their projects.  This summer’s project was to make 6 items of sleep wear.   I have already made a pair of pj bottoms for me and a baby sleepwear set for my new nephew and now I have finished my final two items with this shirt and bottoms for my grandson.  What a cutie!

I knew that I was going to be making him a pair of pj’s for Christmas this year, so I figured I would save myself a bit of time around the holidays and make them now for this challenge.  Yea! I can always use more time at Christmas:)imageI made these from the Happy Feet Pajama Pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. I used some Christmas knit fabric that I bought from Hawthorne Threads.com.  I added some red ribbing knit from Walmart to finish the set.imageI printed the pattern on my computer and then cut and taped it to size.   It was  well marked and the instruction were very clear.  I actually like the thicker paper.  It feels like it is quality.  I want to use it again and again.   I’m sure this pattern will be coming out at my house each Christmas for years to come!

I used my serger to sew the seams because knits need a lot of stretch.  I also like how the edges look so finished and professional.  For the feet I used an old plastic type placemat that I sewed fuzzy soft fabric  to and the sewed in.  They work great! Waste not want not, right?

imageThese little pj’s turned out so cute.  I am excited to see him wear these on Christmas.  I think I will give them to him the first week of December or at Thanksgiving so he can enjoy them all month.  He is definitely a SWEETIE pie!imageThank you for stopping by–Tracy:)