My Shoebox Christmas to Me!

I am part of a quilting group of friends who share quilty gifts with each other at Christmas time every year. It is one of those traditions that brings me joy as I connect with SWEET people who share my passion for quilting. It is a gift to me that I look forward to each year:)

This year I left my box under the tree a bit longer than usual because it was the only present there for a while. I enjoyed admiring it and imagining what goodies were inside.

But the waiting is over- I found a quiet moment and took advantage of it! I wanted a bit of alone time without the other distractions to really look at, and enjoy every item. Here is what my friend Lyn prepared for me:

Just look at this neatly packed box of goodies! I’m so excited:)!

I just love all of the thoughtful gifts all laid out in their beauty. It was filled with fabric, sewing gadgets, Christmas ornaments, funny little sewing laughs, and some Wyoming huckleberry chocolate!

Yes, I am keeping the chocolate to myself and have already enjoyed quite a bit of it. Yum!! I have never had huckleberries before. It is like a berry infused chocolate of something similar to a blackberry. I love it:)❤️

Lyn embroidered me a tea towel with a salsa recipe on it. I am an Arizona salsa girl and will definitely be trying this recipe out! It looks delicious.

I like Lyn’s sense of humor as well. She added this door notice and a funny pin poke as well. It’s always nice to smile and laugh:)

And the star of the box is all of my beautiful new fabric in civil war prints. What beautiful colors fat quarters and a jelly roll. True quilters candy right here!

Thank you, thank you my friend! It is a joyful Christmas already. I hope you all enjoy your Christmas tonight and tomorrow. It is a beautiful time to think of higher things and focus on our Savior and the good all around us.

Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “My Shoebox Christmas to Me!

  1. What a wonderful Christmas box! Lyn has a great sense of humor and that tea towel took a lot of effort. It sounds like a delicious recipe.


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