Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Oh, It felt like my birthday or Christmas today!  The mail delivered 48 balls of Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn:)!  I was so excited!  Of course I took them out and looked at them and felt them.  Ooooh, they are so so pretty!

So, of course, I dropped all of my other projects and just had to start my Mandala Madness CAL that Esther, from In a Nutshell just finished.  She has even made videos to match.  I have been watching hers grow and blossom into such a work of art that I just had to grab up the yarn pack from Wool Warehouse and make one of my own.  I have a very hard time not wanting to make every beautiful thing I see!  Are any of you like that too?

I headed over to and downloaded the pdf files, whipped out my crochet needle, and started the rounds.  What is it that makes starting a new project so fun?  It must be the new colors and techniques.  I just love it.

Each round brought a new technique and added color and texture. I finished part 1 in no time at all.  The instructions are clear with lots of pictures.   I can tell right now that this project is going to be SWEET!

Thanks for dropping by,  I think I will get back to my needle and thread….

17 thoughts on “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

      1. I will order the yarn when I return from vacation! I have never crocheted anything like this. Very excited to try it.


  1. Tracy – what color combo did you order? Did you use the list on “In a Nut Shell” or order one of the preset packs priced in £?


      1. Thanks. Getting excited to check it out and order the yarn. We arive back home on Sunday and will order it then. How is yours coming along. Loved the color combo you had in the photos so far.


  2. Yosemite is beautiful. We go every year for our family camping trip. I just checked and the yarn bundle is sold out. I will see if it is back in stock when I get home or will put the colors together myself from a local or online retailer. So glad we have connected!

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  3. Yarn ordered – I ordered the same color combo used by “In a Nutshell” and downloaded the pdfs. Can’t wait to start. I noticed on her blog they will be starting a peacock bag crochet along – looks interesting as well.

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