It’s Another Splendid Day!

This afternoon has been so nice.   I sat behind my beautiful Juki 2010Q, listened to a book, and worked on my Splendid Sampler blocks.   

It’s amazing how quickly you can get behind with a two blocks a week QAL. It’s no problem though.  I am just enjoying the journey one, or four, blocks at a time:)

I followed each block pretty much exactly as the pattern was given except the Lemonade block.   This one just called to have a few leaves added .  I tried green leaves, but the peach leaves blended best with the rest of the colors,  I really like it:)

I am a bit worried that I am going to run out of my fabric.  That would be a disaster!  So I guess I will order more.   It’s all good.  I am enjoying this color palette. It is out of my normal pure brights favorites.   This is a sampler to test the edges and it definitely is doing that!

I hope you are having a SWEET day!  Thank you for dropping by!


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