I Feel Splendid!!! 

I feel Splendid because my Splendid Sampler Quilt is done!  It is quilted and bound too:).  Yea! Happy dance!!

It has been a year and a half and 82 blocks since I started this amazing adventure.  Some of the blocks were easy and others were extremely tricky.

One of the hardest blocks, but also one of my favorites was this beautiful dress block.  The paper piecing was a bear!  But I did it and learned a lot:)

My very favorites were definitely the embroidery blocks.  I never knew how much I like to embroider in the evenings.  Thank you Splendid Sampler:)!

I went out of my normal red and orange depression era color scheme favorites, and went with a peach, aqua, and gray with a bit of mustard splashing  around.

It was kind of hard to be excited about the colors for a whole year, but I am glad I stuck with it.  The quilt is a perfect SWEET softness that I just love❤️

I used a dark peach for the backing and bound it with a black with a white large dot.   I had one extra block that I added to the back along with a large tag that I printed out on my computer.

Here is a picture of the complete quilt.  It measures about 66″x 66″.  I wanted it small enough to hang on the wall in my quilting room.   And yes,  I had to climb on a bar stool to get this picture!  I’m glad I didn’t fall!  Lol:).

Yep, you heard me right,  this one is for ME!!   I could never ever part with all of the work and memories in this quilt.

I feel a bond with all of my fellow “Splendettes”.  It was so fun watching everyone do the same block but having it come out so differently because of color or creative genius.

it has been a SWEET and Splendid journey that I will always remember and cherish.  Thank you Pat Sloan and all of the designers for bringing this all together:)

Sew On and Sew Forth! -Splendid Sampler

I am so impressed with all of the finishing on everyone’s Splendid Samplers!   They are all so so beautiful:).  It makes me excited to finish mine.  The end is in sight…..well, maybe a few more weeks of piecing and then on to the setting.

I have been busily sewing and am happy to say that ten more of these blocks are now in the rear window.  Yea!  These are the ones I worked on:

Gran’s Button Jar– This was my favorite:). I am FINALLY getting the hang of needle turn embroidery and must admit that I like it.  If there is one thing I have taken from this splendid journey, it is that I love to embroidery.  Who knew?!

First Purse-Aren’t those little buttons for the clasp adorable?

Happy Thoughts-

Skyscrapers-  I tried her raw edge appliqué. I think it fits this modern block.

Dedication Rose– I’m not crazy about the machine stitched black appliqué stitch, but oh well.  I have quite a few of those “oh, well” blocks.  


Double Bees–

Whirling in Circles–

Fleur de Lei– I remember seeing these appliquéd quilts when I went to Hawaii and was so impressed.  If  I ever go back to Hawaii, I will buy some fabric and make my own Fleur de Lei Quilt.

In the Sunshine–  My machine has a small alphabet stitch.  I thought this block was the perfect block to wave the Splendid Sampler and date on!

Whew! What a lot of sewing! I still have about 20 to go, but I can do this!!  Here is a computer lay out of most of my blocks.  SWEET!!!  I can’t wait:)!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Embroidering my Splendid Sampler

I just love the embroidery blocks of the Splendid Sampler.  I like how I can work on them away from my sewing machine in the evenings with my family. 

  I like all of the texture and color.  I like the cute little motifs and how they come to life with a splash of color:)

For this block I added my new found coloring technique that I am using on my Salem quilt guild panels.  The coloring is so fun!  

Isn’t it just so SWEET?

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a Splendid day!  –Tracy:)

A few More “Splendid” blocks

I wish I could say that this catches me up, but no- I still have a few more to go.  And of course they are the intricate paper pieced bee and a few appliqué and embroidered beauties.   Oh well, enjoy the journey, right?

I really ended up liking the pin cushion block.  At first I thought my fabric didn’t lend itself to it, but now I think it is my favorite of today’s Splendid blocks.  I used to have a tomatoe pin cushion.  I bet we all did!

The paper pieced crazy block was a breeze to put together.   I like how it showcases the fabrics.  Is this getting easier, or am I just getting better?!
I made a mistake on the cone flower block, but covered it up with a slightly larger yellow center.  I’m sure you can tell now that I have pointed it out.   I added the orange French knots.  I think they really finish it off well.

At the beginning of this journey, I was set on doing every block the hard way.  I was going to needle turn all of the appliqué and paper piece every tight angle,—well, you guessed it, the sewing machine has come out for the appliqué. It is just so much faster!   I still will hand stitch some, but I am not going to hit myself on the head if I use my machine on others.:)

It’s all good:) –No, it’s all SWEET!


It’s Another Splendid Day!

This afternoon has been so nice.   I sat behind my beautiful Juki 2010Q, listened to a book, and worked on my Splendid Sampler blocks.   

It’s amazing how quickly you can get behind with a two blocks a week QAL. It’s no problem though.  I am just enjoying the journey one, or four, blocks at a time:)

I followed each block pretty much exactly as the pattern was given except the Lemonade block.   This one just called to have a few leaves added .  I tried green leaves, but the peach leaves blended best with the rest of the colors,  I really like it:)

I am a bit worried that I am going to run out of my fabric.  That would be a disaster!  So I guess I will order more.   It’s all good.  I am enjoying this color palette. It is out of my normal pure brights favorites.   This is a sampler to test the edges and it definitely is doing that!

I hope you are having a SWEET day!  Thank you for dropping by!


Splendid Sampler- Three More Blocks Done

I think I bit off a little more than I could chew today.  I should not have tried  to complete all of these in a day.  I was going to try a fourth block as well, but was too tired to keep going.   So I am sitting in my favorite chair writing this trying to relax for a minute or so.

These blocks were all so different.  They used, traditional piecing, appliqué, and paper piecing.  I think each, in and of themselves, is really fun, but combining them all together started to add a frustration factor especially to the paper pieced Balls in the Air block.

I started with Vintage Flower Basket.  I tried yet another appliqué technique.   I traced the outline of the flower and needle turned as I went.  I used gray thread this time which blends much better, but I still have a long way to go on needle turn appliqué.  Maybe by the end of this sampler I will be able to say that I am pretty good at it,  but now, not so much

I then moved on to the paper pieced block, Balls in the Air.  This was an easier pieced block than the dress block a few blocks back, but it did have some itty bitty pieces and there were A LOT of them!

I made sure to cut my fabric pieces larger than I thought I would need so that I would not have to un-sew. That really adds to the frustration factor in paper piecing. I would rather waste fabric than be too small and not cover the whole space.   But even with all of that care, I messed up my fabric placement!

I was completely finished with a one quarter block when I realized what I had done, and there was not a chance in Hades that I was going to redo it,  I just made the last little block match.   I guess I had too many balls in the air! Lol!  Oh well, I still like it and if there isn’t a a make do block in every quilt, than it just isn’t my kind of quilt:)

Lastly I made this Dashing with Chocolate block. I chose pinks and Browns because I love chocolate covered cherries and strawberries.  I hate it when people point out their flaws, but since this post is mostly about my quilting shortcomings for the day, I definitely have some point problems here.  I was somewhat tired and frustrated so the unmatched points will just have to do.

Lesson learned–  Paper pieced blocks should be done slowly and alone.  Give them the respect they deserve so that you have the energy another day to attain the quality you expect on your other blocks. I am not going to remake this block as a reminder to myself of this lesson.

I placed the blocks neatly in my wonderful repurposed napkin holder, poured myself a glass of water, and now I feel a ton better.  Just looking at these pictures makes me happy:)

Life is SWEET even when things don’t go exactly as we plan.

Thanks for dropping by–Tracy:)