Navajo Code Talkers — Finished!

I am so happy with how this quilt turned out.  It has color, texture, and movement.   I must say that I am pleasantly  surprised.  When my friend suggested making this, I mainly did it just to be together.  I really like quilt alongs:)

We had so much fun working on each square and figuring out what to do.  The pattern wasn’t always the clearest.  But together we figured it out and made it work for us. It was fun to watch her choose colors that were different, and always better, than mine. (That’s how it always is you know. The other person always has the better colors, lol!)

I made two squares to every one of her squares because I am using this as a bedspread.  It is a king size quilt and is huge.   It barely fit on the quilting machine!

I went up to the mountain yesterday and took these photos.   This quilt just feels so woodsy and masculine, and that’s a hard thing to do in a quilt!  The colors match the pine needles and tree bark.  

It always feels so good to finish a project.  This one feels especially SWEET because of the memories with my friend.  

Thank you for dropping by,  –Tracy:)

13 thoughts on “Navajo Code Talkers — Finished!

  1. That’s one beautiful quilt! Love the colours and the different patterns in each block – and nice that you got to make it alongside a friend and create some great memories as well as a fabulous quilt 🙂


      1. A woman after my own heart…looks like you finish your projects which is good. I finish mine too but have many going at once so I don’t get bored.

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