Mandala Madness!

I have been quilting and sewing with my daughter for the past few days.  Talk about fun!  I just absolutely LOVE that girl!!  I will write a post about our adventure tomorrow or the next day.  But today I just wanted to sit and relax.   I really haven’t done much of anything but sit in my favorite chair and crochet.  It has been wonderful.  My mandala is really coming along nicely.

I have completed parts 1-3 and am now on to part 4.  I am trying to take it a little slow so that if any of you want to crochet along with me, I won’t be too far ahead.  You can find the pattern at But this is so fun, that it is hard to stop!!

Each round is something new and colorful.  It is perfect for my creative brain.  I always need something new.  That is why I have so many projects going at once:). I just rotate them around as I feel the need for a change.  They all feel new to me then.  Lol:)

It’s been a super SWEET day!  I hope yours has been too:)


11 thoughts on “Mandala Madness!

      1. I started! I am half way through CAL part 1. I love the color combos but since the kits were sold out I ordered the yarn per the specifications on “It’s all in a nutshell.” I am a bit disappointed as the yarn is rather thin cotton – size 3mm hook. Your photos and the ones in her tutorial look to be thicker. Oh well – I will keep plugging along. Love the many different stich techniques and watching it all unfold.


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