Wedding Dress Magic

I have the best nieces in the world.  They think I am magic and can do anything. In their eyes, maybe I can.  But you and I know different!  I just do the best I can and try to hide any mistakes which are sure to be there:)

My beautiful niece ordered a wedding dress from China.   And as is always a case with a mail order dress, it needed some alteration.  You guessed it– Wonder Tracy to the rescue!!

She wanted sleeves, the top drooped a bit, and it was way too low for her comfort.  So I pulled the shoulder seams up and stitched them down.  Of course I matched the edges while sewing. -Easy!  Now it fits great:)

Then we played with sleeve design and decided on this pretty layered idea.  I had to cut about 5″ off of the bottom of the dress to make it shorter (that first cut into the dress made me take a few deep breaths!  Scary!!).  I used the extra fabric for the sleeves.

I hand sewed them in so that there would not be a stitching line on the top.  That was an adventure!

Now for the low bodice.  We tried a few ideas and decided on a pretty bow.   It is absolutely perfect with the dress.

She absolutely loved how the dress turned out.   I will be taking their pictures on Monday.  I will post a picture or two so you can see how beautifully  it fits her.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  It has just been a SWEET experience to help with this wedding dress for one of my favorite people!


Here are a few pictures I took of the beautiful bride and happy couple at the Latter-day Saint Gila Valley Temple.  She is glowing:)!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Magic

  1. Hand sewing is THE best (only?) way to get it just right right….but oh so much fun!!! I used to do so many of these types of “re-do”s (for a variety of reasons—-personal preference/religious requirements). Beautifully achieved, one-of-a-kind ‘couture’ result!!!! LUV!

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  2. Beautiful job! The sleeves look perfect and open enough that she’ll be able to move freely in the dress on her big day. My grandmother made my sister’s wedding dress. What a special memory you’ll both have from the wedding!

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