A few More “Splendid” blocks

I wish I could say that this catches me up, but no- I still have a few more to go.  And of course they are the intricate paper pieced bee and a few appliqué and embroidered beauties.   Oh well, enjoy the journey, right?

I really ended up liking the pin cushion block.  At first I thought my fabric didn’t lend itself to it, but now I think it is my favorite of today’s Splendid blocks.  I used to have a tomatoe pin cushion.  I bet we all did!

The paper pieced crazy block was a breeze to put together.   I like how it showcases the fabrics.  Is this getting easier, or am I just getting better?!
I made a mistake on the cone flower block, but covered it up with a slightly larger yellow center.  I’m sure you can tell now that I have pointed it out.   I added the orange French knots.  I think they really finish it off well.

At the beginning of this journey, I was set on doing every block the hard way.  I was going to needle turn all of the appliqué and paper piece every tight angle,—well, you guessed it, the sewing machine has come out for the appliqué. It is just so much faster!   I still will hand stitch some, but I am not going to hit myself on the head if I use my machine on others.:)

It’s all good:) –No, it’s all SWEET!


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