A Car Quilt Set for the Birthday Boy!

My grandson, Quintin, is turning two next month, and he LOVES cars and trucks.  My husband drives a big red Dodge truck and he calls him “Grandpa Truck”.   It is adorable!

Sooo.. Of course I had to make some fun car things to celebrate his birthday.  I ordered a race track panel with matching fabric to make a quilt that he can sleep under and play with.

The panel is just the middle part.  I pieced the borders with the matching fabrics.  It now looks like a bigger panel, but it’s not.   The backing is a super soft yellow flannel.  

I can’t wait to watch him play with his cars on it and then snuggle up with it to sleep:)

Then I bought a small travel pillow and made a pillowcase with his name embroidered on it.

I used the Moda Lissa tutorial on how to make travel pillow cases.  While the pillowcase really was very easy to make, I found the tutorial itself quite confusing.  If I ever make another of these (which I am sure I will), I think I will try to make a tutorial on her tutorial.  Lol!

I love how the embroidery just pops out on the band.  I sure wish it was easier to match up those letters though…Oh, well.  I got them all in and fairly straight too.  Yea:)!

And a race track would not be complete without a few cars to race on it.  So I made a zippered pouch to fill with his cars.

I quilted the fabric before I sewed it all together to give it a little bit of strength and sturdiness.  I added the cute bands as well.  Hey, when you have such cute fabric scraps, you need to use them!

I used a large plastic toothed zipper that is easy to zip open and closed.

This has been such a fun project for a  super SWEET boy:).  I am excited to watch him open it!

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11 thoughts on “A Car Quilt Set for the Birthday Boy!

  1. Oh my stars and cars! This is the cutest idea ever! He is going to LOVE it. Someday I just want to be half as cool and talented as you (okay, let’s be real…1/4 as cool is about what I might be!) you are amazing and this quilt and pillow and pouch are darling!!

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