All Blocked and Beautiful!

I am so pleased with this delicate scarf.  It is lacey and stylish.  Last time I posted about this, I told you I started it on the plane ride from Greece and I thought I would finish it on the airplane flight to my nephew’s wedding.  I’m happy to say – done!  It was so fun, I had people stop in the airport and have me show it to them and comment on how beautiful it is.  They wanted to buy it or learn to crochet so they could someday make something like it:). I hope they do.  I love to inspire others in the crochet world!


It is amazing to me what blocking does to a crocheted piece.  Here are a few pictures of my scarf  before blocking, just as it was after I finished stitching.The lace looks a little rumpled and small.  It is in definite need of blocking:). I soaked it for a few minutes in cold water and the rolled it in a towel to get most of the moisture out.Oh my, now it looks really squishy and terrible!  Because of the camel hair yarn, smells like a wet camel too, lol:).   I don’t own a special blocking board.  I use a towel, the carpet, and a lot of pins.  It works fine for me:). I pulled and manipulated the bottom lace to open each motif.  In order to do that, I had to gather the top.  That is not how I really wanted to dry the top, but I absolutely wanted the lace to be open and airy.I let the scarf sit out all day just like this.  When the bottom was dry to the touch, the top was still a very small bit moist.  I took it to the ironing board and stretched out the wrinkles and steamed it straight.   I DID NOT place the iron on the yarn itself!  I just steamed and stretched it back to perfection:)

It is beautiful!! Perfectly straight.I am so glad to have this finished before Christmas.  It is going to be a gift for my sultry, red haired daughter.  She is going to take it to the next level of beautiful just by draping it on her lovely shoulders!:)

It has been a SWEET week.  I am looking forward to a family filled Thanksgiving next week.  I hope you are too:)


  • This scarf is made from a pattern I bought on Ravelry called “ilvy”
  • I used a 100% camel hair fiber yarn that I bought on Etsy.

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